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 Character Headcanons!!

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PostSubject: Character Headcanons!!   Character Headcanons!! Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2016 9:05 am

Well then, I'll start off with Gallerian's. I might post more for other chars later.

- His parents were a man named Kai and a woman named Christine. They died fairly young.
*note: The names are a reference to myself and Kaito, as I've constantly referred to him as our son. 'Christine' is what some people have called me by mistake when they forgot my actual name.
- Gallerian's exact age at death was fairly ambiguous. He could have been aged anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-four. As a demon, he appears around twenty-eight but he may have died at an older age.
- He can be a surprisingly affectionate partner (albeit overly possessive and occasionally cruel), despite not knowing the meaning of 'loyalty' and may pursue up to four or five at a time. (He IS the sin of Greed, after all.... nothing is ever enough for him.)
- He was murdered by his thirteen-year-old daughter, whom he had abandoned at birth.
- When he was alive, he was noted to be a rather successful person, having become a powerful magistrate at the age of twenty-four and being married twice (but he had many affairs outside of both marriages)
- Currently, he has a master-slave thing going on with Luciela. (Nothing really kinky about it, he's just absolutely terrified of her)

- He used to carry around a doll that he seems to believe is his younger daughter, who actually died very young, until Luciela burned it out of irritation.
- His human appearance and demon appearance look pretty different..... you can see the comparison in his profile pic/signature. (Demonified, he takes after his father more ;3)
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Jäger Grosvenor (Hunting)
Jäger Grosvenor (Hunting)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Headcanons!!   Character Headcanons!! Icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2016 9:45 pm

-Jäger has almost always hunted with men for thousands of years, and slowly he started to link men to hunt, and true hunters being what he likes, he's more easily attracted to men. Or rather, he looks at men more than women. But he likes both.

(And I need to think about a lot more^^" I guess they'll just come when rping, they usually do.)
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PostSubject: Re: Character Headcanons!!   Character Headcanons!! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2016 3:55 am

Katsumi's Headcanons:

❀ She has this odd addiction to folding paper cranes. Whenever she's bored or nervous, she'll get out origami paper and start obsessively folding- but only ever cranes. Weird, huh?
(after WW2, schoolgirls in Daikiko folded over 1000 origami cranes as a gesture of peace to Japan)

❀ Don't ever give her caffeine. Just... don't. And sugar. Too much sugar makes her hyper.

❀ Also, she has a bad habit of peeling the skin on her lips until it gets really dry and starts to bleed. There's no particular reason she does this, it's just one of her oddities.

❀ Because she's accustomed to living in a large, extremely crowded house near the countryside, city life really doesn't suit her. She'd rather be homeless than live in an apartment completely alone.

❀ The reason she acts like she hates shoujo manga clichés so much is because quite a few have actually happened to her at some point and it makes her really unamused.

❀ Not even most of her friends know this, but at one point she was convinced that the ingrown hairs (if you have them you'd know what they look like; disgusting tiny reddish bumps) on her knees were smallpox.

❀ Some people have commented that her English name should be Victoria, as Katsumi means "beautiful victory" but officially her English name is just Kat (wow such creativity).

❀ Prefers cats over dogs, hands down. Especially Japanese bobtails of the tri-color variety, like the kind of cat most commonly seen on maneki-neko or "beckoning cat" statues.

❀ She's a fan of the bands Babymetal, Sekai no Owari and FLOW

❀ Plants seem to hate her, or she's just really terrible at gardening. A "brown thumb" rather than a "green thumb"

❀ She likes to curse in Cantonese because the obscenities are just far more interesting (for example, "to fall on the street" denotes "bastard" and "yo mama" is an insult too)

❀ If you try to put a -dere label on her she will fight you.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Headcanons!!   Character Headcanons!! Icon_minitime

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Character Headcanons!!
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