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 Character Headcanons.

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PostSubject: Character Headcanons.   Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:13 am

I'll be posting my Character Headcanons here. They'll be updated every time I come up with a new one.

-When he speaks, he often incorporates texting speech, such as "lol", "lmao" and "tbh", etc.
-Another thing to note about his speech is his accent, while it has a hint of Cantonese, it's adopted and molded into a British once, since he lived with England for a major portion of his life.
-Around strangers, he often keeps a deadpan, though it's not hard to make him smile or laugh [unless he's trying to impress someone.]
-He's smart with his money, and can be described as cheap.

-Sometimes, Yuki doesn't like her Ainu heritage, as her skin is darker and along her arms are tattooes. She feels like an outcast compared to her typical Japanese neighbors. This also makers her rather insecure, and she gets embarrassed and secretive if someone asks about her heritage in any way.
-She really likes slow dancing, but she often covers it saying "I was a samurai in my past life, not a dancer."
-Although being Japanese, she doesn't really like sushi all that much, and isn't the best 'Japanese' cook.
-That being said, as a child, she joined her sister's for Geisha practice when she wasn't being a badass onna-bugeisha. So yes, she has somewhat mastered etiquette, however, she's still rather clumsy.
-As much as she doesn't like to admit it, she wished as a child that she was more girly, and would've rather been a Geisha. A job that didn't include so much killing. This is one of the many reasons she envies her sister, Ai.
-Yuki is very fond of snow, [this being because Hokkaido is Japan's most northern island, and one of the snowiest.] Making her almost immune to the snow. [Another thing she doesn't tell anyone: Once, when she was an onna-bugeisha, she got frostbite and her fingers lost feeling. Being a nation helped this situation, and she didn't have to chop off her fingers, luckily.]
-Nowadays she likes to relax by watercoloring and playing her Tonkori, [and occasinally praciticing Shamisen.] something she didn't do much back in the day.
-Though she tries to keep a strict demeanor, she's actually really playful. [And in a relationship, she loves to cuddle & wrestle.]

Isha (Lahore)
-She likes to break out into Bollywood dancing randomly.
-Absolutely obsessed with Bollywood, like most Desi people.
-She doesn't like PDA, nope. Mainly because Pakistan is so against it.
-Isha expects men to flirt with women as dramatically as they do in Bollywood movies, so she's always so dissapointed when watching western movies.
-Adding on the the headcanon above, Isha has very, very, very high standards. And before dating anyone, she has to ask Javed (Pakistan) first, common pre-caution.
-Being the Bollywood fangirl she is, Isha has posters of Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, and Shah Rukh Khan  in her room. If you walk into her room at the right time, you might see her swooning over them.
-With the amount of advice she gives, Isha is basically Yoda at this point.

[And more to come!]

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PostSubject: Re: Character Headcanons.   Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:38 pm

Chihiro (Japan's urban horror stories)
- She's a Jinkiniki, or man-eating ghost. However, she doesn't eat humans often, and when she does she likes to turn them into gingerbread men or candy (she has quite the sweet tooth).
- She's actually quite playful and surprisingly normal, despite her psychotic aura
- She has a secondary form which is REALLY SCARY. Don't run into her after dark as she's literally all of Japan's horror stories manifested as one.
- Schools make her uncomfortable
- She's secretly an otaku

Rachel (Nyo!Hong Kong)
- If you asked her what she wanted for her birthday she'd almost definitely ask for money
- She is a shopaholic.
- She can be very cheap
- Sometimes she's very superstitious
- Most of the time she looks rather bored and unamused, but at times she can be rather catty
- Her accent is a blend between British and Cantonese
- She thinks of China the same way many teenagers think of an embarrassing parent or grandparent

Matt (Nottingham)
- Despite being decent, moderately well-liked person in general, he tends to shy away from social gatherings, being the introvert he is
- He can't cook to save his life either
- He seems to permanently have a tired, exasperated air about him
- He gets sick very easily, almost at least a couple times each month
- He's rather stern and takes things very seriously. He's also focused and level-headed.
- He's a little stingy
- He can't see England's fairies (he's too much of a realist)
- He has a fetish for Japanese girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- While you may be fooled into thinking that Matt is nothing more than a modest, intelligent, if slightly introverted but endearing young man, he's a psychopath at heart, and while he may not choose to act out violently or become a psychotic killer, it does influence him to be very ambitious and he always gets what he wants, eventually. He's patient and surprisingly cold-blooded, but I wouldn't call him a full psychopath as he does form true emotional bonds with people, even though it takes time. It's difficult to tell who his real friends are, though. He usually puts up a friendly, polite front and is generally well-liked.

Minako (Okinawa)
- She's the wild child of the family, having a tendency to be rather loud and outspoken at times. If she doesn't like something you'd be sure to know.
- She enjoys partying
- She's fiercely proud of her Ryukyu heritage
- She's pretty good at traditional Ryukyu martial arts and handy with a pair of sai
- She doesn't eat much but is an excellent chef
- It's hinted that she may be a talented gamer, although she doesn't play videogames often

Iulia (Callinthus)
- She gives off a kind of 'mad-scientist' vibe
- Even though she acts calm, composed, and intelligent when she's trying to impress someone, at heart she's a slightly eccentric but endearing oddball
- Quantum mechanics and astrophysics are her preferred fields
- She tends to speak slightly-broken English with a slight accent (occasionally misusing pronouns)

Helene (Vienna)
- Despite acting like an aristocrat, she's pretty sarcastic and underneath her politeness and mannerisms she could be insulting you
- She is considered blunt, not hesitating to point out your flaws, but she doesn't straight up tell you either. Nor does she like to beat around the bush.
- She's very polite, composed, and elegant.
- She's most comfortable playing violin. Piano is her second instrument.

Ophelia (Nyo!Purgatory)
- She does not share a blood connection with her counterpart, Rauziel
- It is not clear as to whether she is an angel or a demon. Holy objects don't inflict any harm on her (as she represents the 'holy cleansing' of purgatory)
- She's highly cynical, having a deep mistrust of everyone around her besides her counterpart. She is wary and suspicious of the representative of hell, Luciela. This may be borne out of the fact that she's paranoid and a pathological liar.
- Her endurance to pain is extraordinarily high

Kirsten (Greenland)
- She usually wears a deadpan and speaks in a monotonous voice
- She's noted to be rather 'spacey' at times and when she's focused on something she'll ignore anything else that happens around her
- She has a polar bear tattoo on her hand
- She's a very practical sort of person. She's also slightly cynical.

Leif (2p!Norway)
- He's an exceptional businessman. He could sell sand on a desert if he wanted to.
- Occasionally dabbles in chemistry
- Lives a very eco-friendly lifestyle
- He's a rather suave, smooth-talking guy
- He doesn't like his brother Erikur very much, and hates having him around. However, he's usually cheerful and open-minded to everyone else.
- He seems to have limitless energy
- He also fancies himself a bit of a poet
- He has a pet dragon named Bjørn
- He's a bit like everyone's uncle

Mikasa (Shiganshina)
(coming soon)

Jaren (Nyo!Taiwan)
(coming soon)

Vanesa (Czech Republic)
(coming soon)

Dianne (Nyo!Hunting)
(coming soon)

Adam (Minnesota)
(coming soon)

Romulus (Rome)
(coming soon)

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Character Headcanons.
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