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 Character Headcanons

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Leif Thomsen (2p!Norway)

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PostSubject: Character Headcanons   Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:50 pm

Because the last topic got deleted, so I decided to bring it back. *shrug shrug*


-Kirs' character headcanons-

- She finds Earth food very, very, fascinating
- Sometimes she gives off a vibe of being insensitive and a bit of a show-off (and most of the time that would be correct, she doesn't really care) but sometimes it's just because that's how she normally acts.
- To her, formalities are a MUST. However, her traditional customs are a little... odd to humans
- She has a tendency to talk very fast when she's excited about something (e.g. when she's explaining the theoretics of wormholes and quantum mechanics or reciting the first 80 digits of pi)
- She's technically part squid. Cuttlefish and squid genes were inserted into her genetic sequence to give her a higher endurance to pain.
- She can be very cruel and cunning as opposed to her naturally playful and curious nature

- He's red-green colorblind, which is ironic because the colors of the Italian flag are red, white, and green. His colorblindness isn't THAT severe, so he just gets confused when he sees red or green. He can't really discern between red, orange, and brown.
- Being around his family, especially Lovino, drives him crazy. The only members of his family that don't piss him off are his brothers Feliciano and Atticus and his stepmother Helena.
- He's very frugal. Very, very frugal.
- He drives a half-broken-down old van he found in a scrap metal yard
- When he gets drunk, it sometimes triggers the appearance of his 2p, Nero
- Teenagers stress him out
- Crowds annoy him, as he's a bit socially awkward
- He speaks perfect English

- He shares the same body as his 1p
- He talks like a stereotypical Italian mafia boss
- He likes drinking (obviously)
- In the era of the Roman Empire, he was a gladiator

- Sometimes the other nordics call him 'uncle' because his sense of humor is distinctly awkward and corny
- He likes giving names to inanimate objects (for example, his flamethrower was given the name "Sven")
- He has a sort of friendly rivalry with 2p!Sweden
- He dislikes his brother 2p!Iceland
- Leif is a skilled salesman (and conman), he could sell sand in a desert and ice in the arctic if he wished, and profit off it.
- He finds talking to himself highly amusing

- She sometimes acts like a small, annoying child, but at times she can be surprisingly mature for her physical and mental age of 15
- She's not very honest, and she's a bit of a prankster
- Her real name is possible either Liesl or Elise

((More to add later!))
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Character Headcanons
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