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A roleplay centre for all of you Hetalia fans! Come in, pick a country, and enjoy roleplaying to your heart's content.
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The Hetalia Roleplay Forum

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Rules and Regulations

1: In order to roleplay here, you need to take on the personality of a country, province, state, city, or other area. Character's personalities should be based off of stereotypes, average statistics and other trivia of the chosen place. Characters should be dynamic and balanced- Try to avoid Mary Sues and Gary Stus! In order to claim an account, fill out our application template, and post your brief application in the main introduction section. Our admins will then group your character and move the introduction into one of the sub-sections.

2: Due to many requests, there is no longer a set number on how many characters you can have. Though, each member is only allowed to have 10 canon accounts at max, no exception. If you fail to long into any of your accounts for an extend period of time (66 days) they will be deleted and you will not be able to remake those accounts until 14 days have passed.

3: You cannot double characters on a single account. Every character needs its own account, separate account.

4: It is recommended that you keep an updated list of characters in your signature, and post in our Who Plays Who list.

5: If you want to change your account to a different character, you must first delete their introduction, and then contact The United Kingdom by PM, and explain to them what character you are deleting. Make sure to post the intro for the new character! If you fail to do this, you will be removed from your old group and not assigned a new one.

6: If you will be gone for a month or more please post in the Absence Thread. If you plan to take a hiatus from the site or a break that extends 4 months plus, there is a chance that your characters will be deleted when you come back.

7: Unless specifically specified as an OOC section, all activity out of character needs to be marked by OOC marks such as (( )), ( ), //, [[ ]], etc.

8: While roleplaying, you may swear as much as is needed for the character. OOC, it is recommended that you keep language and topics PG-13. Any sexual or disturbing OOC posts need to be marked as such in spoiler tabs. In character, sexual and heavily violent or disturbing roleplays should also be kept in marked spoiler tabs, or private messages.

9: Any and all ships are allowed on this site, as long as the player of the character you are shipping with is an active and willing participant. Love triangles are all right, as long as each player is fine with it. Ship wars will NOT be tolerated.

10: Try to use common sense when posting in order to keep the roleplay flowing and active. It is recommended that you post a minimum of three sentences in the forum areas.

11: OOC Bullying will NOT be tolerated. That means no calling names, no insults, no trying to start and argument with people. If you want to have a calm discussion, please do so in Private Messages, as opposed to a public place. Bullying will result in an automatic one day ban.

Breaking any of these rules will result in an official warning from the Administator. After three warnings are accumulated, the member in question will be banned for three days. If a person earns three bans, they will be banned for a month. From then on, the admins will decide the next step of the member's punishment(if necessary). Any questions can be directed to any of the staff through Private Message, or feel free to email us at