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Jack Curtin (Australia)
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PostSubject: Headcanons!   Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:19 pm

Jack Kirkland: he has a prosthetic leg and a tattoo of a kangaroo. He is secretly really good at playing the flute, and has one hidden inside of his room somewhere. Jack will never openly admit that he likes to play the flute though, becoming very flustered and embarrassed if anyone sees him with his flute. He claims he got the scratch on his nose when fighting an epic battle against tyranny, cold weather, and everything else he doesn't like, when in reality, he got it when he tripped over a tree branch, and landed on his face. He also never backs down from a challenge, unless a person who was innocent was going to become endangered... or if it is gonna be cold. He has a very soft and squishy face compared to the rest of his body.

Haldor Densen: he likes apples, and keeps a small bunny. He is gonna be a father sometime soon.

Henri Muller: Henri likes to drink a type of wine known as 'Amontillado' and would rather get naked than do other humiliating things.

Jake Oseanovich: He is secretly amazing at playing chess, but will show it off when he wants to. He considers the computers to be easy. He is also ticklish everywhere. you could touch him and he would be tickled

Anton Koval: Anton despises, but loves russia at the exact same time. he can't hold down a job, and is quite poor. sometimes (all of the time) he steals shit that he needs.
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