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 Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay

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Penny Kirkland (F!Sea)

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PostSubject: Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay   Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:59 pm

((For rules and info, go here:

Character Intro/Bio:
-Name: Penny Kirkland
-Age: 13 (I wanted her to be a teen for the sake of the content)
-Role: Country/Survivor
-Experience with the apocalypse/why they joined the others: She lives not too far from the rest of Europe, so when she heard the news, she knew she had to take part and help out.  She was a bit too late though, both Sweden and Finland had already succumbed to the zombies (hint for Finland and Sweden Rp'ers).  She decided to fight not just to protect herself, but to avenge her parents
-Personality: She's usually pretty optimistic (we'll make it, it's not to bad, etc.), but when things get really bad (her teammates are in danger), she's unstoppable and wants the zombies DEAD
-Brief appearance (clothes, hair, etc.): She has ragged blonde hair pulled into ponytails, and she wears a torn navy blue skirt, a dirty white t-shirt, blue converse and white kneesocks.
-Weapon (If survivor): She uses a stainless steel baseball bat to bash the zombies' heads

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PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay   Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:49 pm

Character Intro/Bio:
-Name: Seon Mikazuki (reversed in Western order), or Mikazuki Munechika.
-Age: 24
-Role: Survivor
-Experience with the apocalypse/why they joined the others: His country sank under the sea (kinda irrelevant to zombies), forcing him to flee to the mainland. Upon discovering that the majority of Europe and Asia has been overrun by zombies, he decided to join the remaining countries still alive for safety.
-Personality: For the most part, Mikazuki is an honorable man. He follows the samurai's bushido (code of honor)- well, as best as he can anyways. He doesn't back down from a fight and will defend his comrades, but when things get really bad, he'll abandon them. After all, he is fighting for himself, not a bunch of strangers.
-Brief appearance (clothes, hair, etc.): Mikazuki is a tall man of almost 6 ft. with a slender build, but still packed with muscle. His complexion is pale, contrasting against his black hair, and golden-amber eyes. A long scar runs from under his right ear, diagonally slashing across his throat. Another scar, carved into the shape of the Japanese/Chinese word for 'traitor' (国賊), is located on the middle-left side of his chest. He's typically seen wearing a ripped, bloodied yukata and brandishing a bloodstained sword with a sadistic or maniacal expression.
-Weapon (If survivor): Taichi 太刀 (basically a longer version of a katana).
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Zofija B. (Fem!Prussia)

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PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay   Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:44 am

Character Intro/Bio:
-Name: Zofija Beilschmidt
-Age: 23
-Role: Survivor
-Experience with the apocalypse/why they joined the others: In the initial outburst, Zofija was separated from her brother. She does not know if he is alive or not, but she is determined to find him and a cure. She joined the group to enlist them to help her look for him.
-Personality: Zofija is a tricky individual. She comes off as wild and strong, hiding her more serious, book-smart, and hard-working personality. She is trained in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat and never misses an opportuinty to train or learn. She is extremely loyal to those who help her but will do whatever is needed to save her little brother.
-Brief appearance (clothes, hair, etc.): Zofija is decently tall (at 5'9) and is equipped with long, silver hair. She has pale skin and sectoral heterochromia in both eyes; pink on the top and blue on the bottom, giving them a crimson look. She usually wears a battered, navy military coat with gold embellishments, a black bottom, thigh high boots, and a semi-revealing white top. She has a scar across her right cheek from a battle with a stronger zombie.
-Weapon (If survivor): Prussian Broadsword

Character Intro/Bio:
-Name: Sakura Honda 本田桜
-Age: 26
-Role: Survivor
-Experience with the apocalypse/why they joined the others: Sakura is honestly not surprised that this happened, though she certainly is not happy about it. She joined this group not only to help her survive but to find the person responsible.
-Personality: Sakura adopted a "no-bullshit" attitude as soon as the first outbreak appeared. She is determined to punish the country who did this to her people and will not stop until she does. Sakura is smart and every word that comes from her mouth has been thought about diligently. She is a master of many martial arts and carries a katana sword with her where ever she goes.
-Brief appearance (clothes, hair, etc.): Sakura's hair has gotten longer and now rests at the bottom of her shoulder blades. She is short and fit with amber eyes and full lips. Her figure is fit but shapely, as she binds her chest. She sold her kimono for supplies and now wears tight black pants, a black leather jacket with the Japanese flag on the back, black combat boots, and a red tank.
-Weapon (If survivor): Her prized katana
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Leuchteland (Friedrich)

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PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay   Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:03 pm

Character Intro/Bio:
-Name: Friedrich von Schwarzritter
-Age: 25
-Role: Survivor
-Experience with the apocalypse/why they joined the others: Friedrich is in for it to help find a cure and reverse the zombie apocalypse. His country remained largely unaffected by the outbreak thanks to the contingency plan his government had made. But it is slowly spreading through the land...
-Personality: Calm, intelligent, courageous, and skilled in a variety of things. Lives by a knight-like code of honor.
-Brief appearance (clothes, hair, etc.): Tall and well built with short black hair in a military hairstyle and golden eyes. Still wears his black Storm Elite uniform with gold buttons and various medals. Along with a white Sam Browne belt, black breeches, and riding boots. Usually wears a pickelhaube helmet and occasionally a gas mask.
-Weapon (If survivor): Has a custom Mauser C96 blaster pistol and a blessed broadsword.
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay   

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Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay
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