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 Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay Info

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Penny Kirkland (F!Sea)

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PostSubject: Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay Info   Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:51 pm

I was thinking we could do a Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay!  The title says it all, in the not-so-distant future, zombies have taken over majority of the world, and the countries have to try and survive!  The only catch is that while the countries can't die a human death, they CAN be turned into zombies, where their immortality and other country powers are taken away, and then they turn on their fellow nations and the hunter becomes the hunted.

-Zombie/Zombified Country

Character Intro/Bio:
-Experience with the apocalypse/why they joined the others:
-Brief appearance (clothes, hair, etc.):
-Weapon (If survivor):

-There will be blood, gore, and death in this (swearing if chosen), so this is a PG-13 thread
-No deus ex machina/power of God (so you can't survive/be revived of you say so, if you're dead, you're dead)
-There is NO CURE so far for zombie-fication, unless we come to a point in it where it would be fitting (much later in, pretty much the previous rule)
-HAVE FUN!  Rainbow Norway

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Zombie Apocalypse AU Roleplay Info
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