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 Ship List (Finally) Updated ~ Sofa

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Esmeralda Peña (DR)

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PostSubject: Ship List (Finally) Updated ~ Sofa   Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:10 am

Zofija Beilschmidt (Fem!Prussia) x Leutcheland (Friedrich)

Feliciana Vargas (Fem!Italy) x ________

Viktor Braginsky (2p!Russia) x ________

Esmeralda Peña (The Dominican Republic) x Jock Beltaine (The Sun)

Hidéyo Honda (Tokyo) x Yagen Toushirou【Kiyosaki】

Sakura Honda (fem!Japan) x Osian Kirkland (Wales)

Elian Morgens (Amsterdam) ---> Avril Kirkland (London)

Carmen Peña (2p!Dominican Republic) x ________

Atticus Vargas (Pompeii) x Taiko

Clarimonde Bonnefoy (Alsace and Lorraine) <--- Vasile Costiniu (Peleș)

Marion Køhler (fem!Denmark) x Tino Väinämöinen (Finland)

Ares (Mars) x ________

Ishtar (Mesopotamia) x Sadik (Ottoman Empire)

Aquaria Fretus (Aquarius) x ________

Chlotichilda (Knighthood) x Elodie Marlon (F!Greed)

Anya Braginskaya (fem!Russia) x Marianne Bonnefoy (fem!France)

Flavia Vargas (2p!fem!Romano) x _________

Eira Frost (fem!Winter) x ________

Dmitrius (Dominance) x Jun Shitā (Submission)

Martin Kirkland (Manchester) x ________

Lucien Deus (Diligence) x _______

Cerberus (Underworld) x Vivian (fem!Life)

Caelum (M!Heaven) <--- Archan Mallick (Space)

Irisko Héderváry (2p!M!Hungary) x ________

Skype message me if you are interested in a ship! (◠‿◠✿)
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Ship List (Finally) Updated ~ Sofa
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