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 ||My Character Ship List||

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Alex N. Williams(SC)
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PostSubject: ||My Character Ship List||   Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:49 am

= They are going after them/Ship being planned
x = Shipped
If you're interested don't be afraid to Ask ^v^

Alex N. Williams (South Carolina) x Mendel Williams(PEI)

Andrea N. Jones (2p South Carolina) x Cazimir A. (Scholomance)

Aidan William (Lake Murray) x Ciro Akio(Brasov)

Ai Hoshi (Tochiuta) x Aoi Shinshi【Nebulasia】

Alma Asellus (Cancer) x Pollux and Castor(Gemini)

Amelia F. Jones (Fem America) x Kuro Honda(2p Japan) 

Auberon Chambers (Nightmares) x Estelle Astra(Dreams)

Axel N. Jones (Male South Carolina) x Oliver Kirkland(2p England)

Azami Akio (Limbo) x Ruben Svæthil(Desire)

Celeste Uni (Universe) x Elian Ocasio(Time)

Emily F. Jones (2p Fem America) x Allen F. Jones(2p America)

Emiko Suzuki (14th Ward) x Uta (HySy Mask Studio) x Yomo

Eve Unknown (Anonymous) x Lucius Lucerna~Illuminati

Faine Auridi (Male Gluttony) x Azarus Auridi (M!Envy)

Fayre Auridi (Gluttony) x Aethelric Svæthil(Pride)

Ichiro Aiko (Lake Saiko) x Rena E. Jones(Columbia)

Kane LANOSI(Dark Web) x Eden Blackstone(Dark) 

Lily N.(Microsoft) Hibiki Kazuo(Nintendo)

Lucasta Euphrosyne (Sloth) x Asmodeus Luxuria(Lust)

Luciela Abbadon(Hell) x __________

Malachi Abbadon(Male Hell) x Exousia

Mei Suzuki (Aogiri Tree) x Yuuki Tsukino{Anteiku}

Mia Williams (Lake Murray) x Leon Aiko(Bran Castle)

Olive Kirkland (2P Fem England) x Andres Carriedo(2p!Spain)

Ruslan Arlovsky (Minsk) Kyoko Aiko(Lake Saiko) 

Sachiko Honda (Shibuya) x Alegra Vargas~2p!Venice

Shiro Akio (Sony) x Sarah Aiko(Cospaia)

Sorin Popescu (Transylvania) Sarah Aiko(Cospaia)

Touka Kirishima (Anteiku) Ayato Kirishima(AogiriTree)

Victoria W. (Wonderland) x __________

Viola Arlovsky (Minsk) Azazel Abbadon(Limbo)


“I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.
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||My Character Ship List||
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