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 Swe's Character and Ship list

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Berwald (Papa Swe)
Berwald (Papa Swe)

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PostSubject: Swe's Character and Ship list   Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:01 am

Includes character sexualities
• Berwald (Papa Swe)-single-homoflex
• Maddi Jones (LP) -Jack (Australia)
• Ichabod Fawkes-Celeste (Universe)
• Lutz Weilschmidt-in progress-pan
• Sadiq Adnan-in progress-polysexual
• Demyan Volkov (Sochi)-in progress-bi
• Kaveh Shapur (Persia)-Single-pan
• Nikolai Volkov-Olive Kirkland
• Magnus Kohler (2p)-in progress-straight
• Joonas Loimulahti (2p)-Single-gay
• Max Dolores-Single-straight
• Jason Williams (EDM)-calgary
• Mina Maes (2pBelg)-single-demisexual
• Mitch Maes (2pLux)-Rueben Maes
• Dillon Jones (UP)-Single-Bi
• Cenek Bartunek (GME)-Single
• Azorious Snakewind-Single-straight
• Reuben Maes (2pNed)-Mitch Maes
• Matej Bartunek-in progress-straight
• Noah Hartley (Blackwood)-Single-Straight
• Aleksandra Zaryanova-single-Lesbian
• Sergiu (Arstotzka)-Single-Straight
• Erland Oxenstierna -Single-Bi
• Ulric Oxenstierna-Anastasia (2p!Moscow)
• Kilían Bartunek-in progress-pan
• Kostya (Chernobyl) -Single-Bi
• Gunther Beilschmidt-Ishtar (Mesopotamia)
• Carolyn (Hollywoo) -Single-Straight?
• Chris Jones (NJ) -Single-Gay
• Faris (Chaos) - Serenity


"Everyone makes mistakes, I've had more than my share, but it's okay cause im gonna repair it...
....Take it back to the start, I've had a change of heart." -Savlonic, 'Epoch'
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Swe's Character and Ship list
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