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 Republic of Estonia: Eduard von Bock

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Eduard von Bock (Estonia)
Eduard von Bock (Estonia)

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Republic of Estonia: Eduard von Bock  Empty
PostSubject: Republic of Estonia: Eduard von Bock    Republic of Estonia: Eduard von Bock  Icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2016 10:55 pm

Name: Eduard von Bock

Representative of: The Republic of Estonia

Gender: Male

Age: Eduard is 17 in human years while he is 98 years old as a country. Having fully gained his independence from the Soviet Union on February 24, 1918.

Brief Personality: Estonia is the second oldest of the Baltics, being younger than Lithuania and older than Latvia. He is considered to be an ace kind of student with his wit and intelligence. He is also considered to be the luckiest of the Baltics, having mostly managed to avoid conflict with his wit and experience of many years of wisdom.
Estonia is often peppy and mild mannered and holds himself well among others. He is seen mostly as cool and collected, wise, and business-like in most matters. Estonia is skilled in economics and information technology. He tends to work at his own pace which causes him to become unaware of his surroundings which causes him to sometimes be overlooked by others despite being an ace student. Lately, since creating his own blog he has become slightly geeky.

Brief physical appearance: Estonia is a simple looking boy with square glasses and a narrow face. He has dark blond hair and blue eyes but is sometimes portrayed with green eyes in some lighting. His glasses are a must due to his poor eyesight, but also adds that he has a lot on his mind, so they play a role in concealing his facial expressions. He has a tendency to fall asleep with his glasses on but often doesn't realize it and forgets to take them off. His usual choice of outfit in the WWII-set strips is a deep green military suit, although he will wear simple black pants with a belt, a button down shirt that matches his eyes, a loosened black tie around his neck and a black suit jacket. His body type is slender with a tall height and is said to be the tallest among the Baltics.

Brief history: The land known as modern day Estonia was settled around the last glacial era, beginning around 8500BC. Before the Germans invaded in the 13th century, proto-Estonians of Ancient Estonia worshipped the spirits of Nature. Starting with the Northern Crusades in the Middle Ages, Estonia became a battleground for centuries where Denmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Poland fought their many wars over controlling the important geographical position of the country as a gateway between East and West cultures. Estonia was conquered by both the Danes and the Germans in 1227 and was initially ruled by Denmark in the north by the Livonian Order, an autonomous part of the Monastic State and the Teutonic Knights. From 1418- 1562 the whole of Estonia was part of the Livonian Confederation. after the Livionian War, Estonia became a part of Sweden from the 16th Century to roughly around 1710/1721 where it was ceded to the Russian Empire as a result of the Great Northern war. Throughout this period the German Baltic nobility enjoyed autonomy, where the language and administration and education was German.

Religious affiliation: The dominant religion within Estonia is Evangelical Lutheranism. Estonians were Christianized by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, during the reformation.

Any special powers/abilities: N/A
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Republic of Estonia: Eduard von Bock
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