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 Hola! :D App. for The Dominican Republic

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Esmeralda Peña (DR)

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PostSubject: Hola! :D App. for The Dominican Republic   Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:25 pm

Name: Esmeralda Peña
Representative of: República Dominicana
Gender: Female

Actual - 1,365 years old as a country but gained independence on February 27 , 1844
Physical - She looks about 25 years old

Brief personality: Esmeralda is a very sunny individual, but do not be mistaken, for she is not dumb. Her "greatest enemy" is Haiti, who has been forcing his advances on her for centuries. She is constantly trying to get his people from swarming her country and it drives her mad. She loves singing and dancing, as she copes through the rhythms and beats of music. She is a very kind soul and loves to help her people when they are in need. Esmeralda is a great cook and experiments with new flavors and tastes from around the world. She always makes more than she needs to give to hungry families. She is an Olympic swimmer and has, in fact, beaten Australia (Though he begs to differ). Years of occupation has strengthened her will and she is a force to be reckoned with. She only truly hates two things in the world: Spain and pirates.

Brief physical description: Esmeralda has thick, long brown hair and darker eyes. She is 5'6 and has full lips and long lashes. Her skin is naturally a darker olive tone but is more of a beautiful golden brown due to long hours in the sun. Her voice is very mature, almost motherly as she loves to sing to children and her friends. She has a long, thin scar stretching from just below her right shoulder to just above her left hip. She is very insecure about it and tries hard  to cover it up. She has a voluptuous figure but is very active in her lifestyle.

Brief history: At around 650 AD, the Arawakan-speaking Taíno moved into Hispaniola from the north east region of what is now known as South America, displacing earlier inhabitants They engaged in farming and fishing, and hunting and gathering. The fierce Caribs drove the Taíno to the northeastern Caribbean during much of the 15th century. By 1492 the island was divided into five Taíno chiefdoms. The Taíno name for the entire island was either Ayiti or Quisqueya. However on 6 December 1492 Christopher Columbus landed at on the north-west and called the island Espanola, which was later anglicized as Hispaniola. Spanish settlers founded San Domingo in 1596. However a hundred years after Columbus discovered Hispaniola European diseases and war had almost exterminated the Arawaks. Meanwhile the Spanish claimed ownership of the whole island but they settled mainly in the east, in what is now Dominican Republic. During the 16th century vast numbers of African slaves were imported into the island and they were forced to work on sugar plantations. The west of the island was left largely empty and in the 17th century the French settled there. Finally in 1697 the Spanish and French signed the Treaty of Ryswick. France was given the western third of the island of Hispaniola. The rest remained in Spanish hands. Haiti became independent in 1804 but in 1821 the Haitians occupied what is now the Dominican Republic. However Dominican Republic became independent in 1844. Its first president was Pedro Santana but he made himself effectively a dictator. Dominican Republic also suffered a number of invasions from Haiti. In 1861 Santana made Dominican Republic a province of Spain. The Spanish deposed him in 1862 and in 1863 the people rose in revolt. A guerilla war began called the War of Restoration and the Spanish withdrew in 1867. Unfortunately there then followed a period of political instability and internal disorder in the Dominican Republic. In 1916 the USA afraid that Germany might intervene in the Dominican Republic occupied the country. The American occupation lasted until 1924. Elections were then held and Horacio Vasquez became president of the Dominican Republic. However in 1930 Rafael Trujillo staged a coup and became a dictator. Trujillo ruled Dominican Republic for 31 years till he was assassinated in 1961. In 1962 elections were held and Juan Bosch led a new government. However in 1963 the army staged a coup. In 1965 the people rebelled but the USA intervened. President Johnson sent US Marines to the Dominican Republic. A provisional government ruled for one year until 1966 when Joaquin Balaguer was elected president. Balaguer was president until 1978 and under him some economic development took place. He was replaced by Antonio Guzman. He committed suicide in 1982. Jorge Blanco was president of Dominican Republic until 1986 when Balaguer replaced him. He was re-elected in 1990. In 1994 Balaguer was elected again but the election was rigged. However to avoid violence an agreement was made with the opposition. Balaguer agreed to step down after 2 years. In 1996 Leonel Fernandez became president of the Dominican Republic. Fernandez lost power in 2000 but was re-elected in 2004. Today the Dominican Republic still exports sugar and coffee but tourism is a rapidly growing industry. Although Dominican Republic is still poor, the economy is growing strongly.

Religious affiliation: Catholic/Christian

Any special powers or abilities: Her voice is somewhat like a siren's. It has the power to control the hearts of those who hear it.
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Hola! :D App. for The Dominican Republic
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