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 [spoilers for the lunar chronicles books] The Republic of Luna.

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Cinder (Luna)

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PostSubject: [spoilers for the lunar chronicles books] The Republic of Luna.    Sat Aug 13, 2016 12:40 am

Republic of Luna
Adopted Name: Linh Cinder.
Real Name: Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn

Representative of:

Republic of Luna.


Human: 18.
Place: Many centuries into the future.

Brief personality:
One of her most well known traits is her stubbornness, being tenacious as well. Generally warm-hearted, fair, and friendly to people, she is also somewhat awkward in conversations, due to a slight complex about her being a cyborg and looking down upon herself because of this. In addition, she never mentions her royal background, and refers to herself as an earthen whenever meeting new people. In the beginning of Cinder, she's part tomboy and doesn't particularly care how she dresses; she does, however, wear ball gowns to some formal occasions. Cinder, although tough, has a soft side that she occasionally shows, particularly to people she’s fond with.
When someone gets hurt or in trouble, she becomes tense and concerned, and cares for even the people she doesn't know. Unlike Levana, her aunt,  she cares deeply about the value of other lives, whether it's Lunar, Earthen, cyborg, shell, etc. An example, in france, she was once devastated and momentarily broke down after accidentally controlling a police officer in France with her manipulation of bioelectricity, making the police officer guard her from an incoming attack, and dying as the consequence. Cinder is also extremely intelligent, though she will occasionally put her emotions ahead of a wise decision. Despite her young age, she excels at her profession as a mechanic.

Brief physical description:

Cinder has a slight, thin build, naturally tanned skin, and straight brown hair below her shoulders, which is usually worn in a messy ponytail. It’s noticeable that Cinder's figure is too angular and too boyish (although slightly curved). Her left hand and leg are made of metal, the prostheses on her leg going up to mid-thigh, as well as four ribs and splints along the bones in her right leg. On both her cyborg leg and hand, where the metal meets skin, there is scar tissue, the result of the fire. Her vertebrae, the silicon and biotissue around her heart, and her brown eyes were also man-made, as well as a control panel at the base of her skull. Until it was disabled by Dr. Erland, she had a small chip that suppressed her Lunar gift installed in her spine. It was created by her stepfather, Linh Garan, before he succumbed to the plague letumosis.
(all of this will make sense if you read the book but spoilers)

Brief history:

More About Luna:

Religious affiliation:
Agnostic, she doesn’t really pay mind to religious things.

Any special powers or abilities:
As the true Lunar queen, Cinder is an extremely skilled Lunar with unbelievably powerful abilities of glamouring, along with bioelectricity manipulation. Her skills are hinted to even surpass Levana's, which is partially why Levana both loathes and fears her. Within a week of discovering her skills, she is able to control one of the lupine soldiers of Luna, which is a very remarkable ability, as thaumaturges, with years of training, have difficulty doing so. She is also able to control Sybil Mira, the head thaumaturge, and mentally attack her, driving her to the brink of insanity and ultimately forcing her to commit suicide by jumping off the palace roof. As a cyborg, she also has a knife within her hand and tranquilizer darts within her finger that she can shoot at people to temporarily stun them, as she dislikes using her gift (believing that it turns her into a "monster", like Levana). In the beginning of Cress, she was also shown to train physically with Wolf, gaining some martial arts abilities.

Since Cinder had her surgery into being a cyborg, she had some "disabilties", which is what Adri would say, about her. At the end of the book, Cress, Cinder admitted that she was unable to cry, and that her eyes were synthetic. She also said that the tear ducts she would have had were in the way of her retina scanner and netlink. Cinder also revealed that she was unable to blush, for it could lead to her overheating and her power system going on shut down until she lowered all her temperature levels.
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[spoilers for the lunar chronicles books] The Republic of Luna.
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