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 Hallo, ich bin es Berlin <<Berlin>>

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Hallo, ich bin es Berlin <<Berlin>> Empty
PostSubject: Hallo, ich bin es Berlin <<Berlin>>   Hallo, ich bin es Berlin <<Berlin>> Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2018 4:29 pm

Name: Gerda Beilschmidt

Representative of: Berlin

Gender: Female

781+ (approximately; historically)

Berlin appears to be the halfway point between Germany’s and Prussia’s personalities.  When times call for it, she can be alert, attentive, goal-oriented, and organized.  She also prefers to follow routines and schedules, as her life came to from the bringing up of warring, industrialization, segregation, and economic and political roles.  Though she is not particularly fond of politics, she has an understanding of it and as such prefers to engage things in at least a somewhat formal manner.  However, she is not uptight by any means, and can be seen lounging about comfortably and relaxed, or smiling and laughing with a friend.  She is not against goofing around and recreational activities, though all too easily she can sober up and regard situations with an almost cool, distant, contemplative expression on her face.

During her regressions, Berlin will lose the strong sister mentality and would be seen as neither controlled nor carefree.  Her demeanor will change greatly, almost seeming to be someone else completely. She becomes more unsure of herself, weak-minded, and tends to bounce back and forth between dependence and independence, being clingy enough to want to draw people in yet turn around and snap at them for no real reason.  She may at times talk to herself, speaking to Bonn-- the capital of the territory that the Allies controlled during the Berlin Wall, and consequently a fracture of her broken psyche.

Berlin has a wide range of interests, including the arts, trains, drinking beer, and being a studious individual.  She highly prizes intelligence and organization.

She also has a lil black bear; so far, the bear does not have a name.

Berlin can be overly loyal and values her family bonds over any other relationship; traits leftover since her childhood in the Germanic tribes.

Physical description:

Berlin has long blonde hair that usually flows, with two long wavy strands almost always bordering the sides of her face.  In her hair she also tends to wear a few clip crossing over as an X shape.  She has icy blue eyes and a roundish face. She is always wearing a black iron cross necklace.  The necklace, eyes, and the strands of long wavy hair with the clips is a universal constant no matter what form is taken (chibitalia, nekotalia, etc.).

Her uniform consists of a WWI-esque jacket and pants, and she also wears a small hat that sits at the side of her head.

Casual wear often sees her in baggy clothing, such as a loose t-shirt or sweater, and leggings.

Her hair occasionally is done up in a bun, but not often, and still with the wavy strands of hair beside her face.


As a child, she was a bit more studiously strict and quiet, war-focused but without structure.  Her people lived in poverty, and as such, so did she.  That is, until several years later after trade was established with Roman Empires and other tribes, and her territory began to form into merchant-like interests.  This flux of economy captivated her, and she started to form materialistic fears, striving to not be without power and structure again.  When came Albert the Bear, Berlin was then raised under his wing, learning religion and serving the Holy Roman Empire-- until she pestered for Brandenburg’s rights to be passed over to her, in which she grew even more politically and economically powerful to gain more control over her fear.  It was during these times that she became more familiar with her younger brother Prussia, and saw his struggles of power as well.  However they kinda kept to their own, until the rise of the Kingdom of Prussia in which her brother made her the capital of his empire.  Here they competed, making each other stronger by becoming stronger themselves and giving rise to an industrial age, a military reform, and an advance on arts and education.

Come the German Empire, powers shifted, Austria diminished in power, making Prussia and thus Berlin grow more powerful, and an introduction of her youngest brother followed but not without hardships that came sooner than anticipated. Come the First World War, Berlin’s fear of losing power and becoming hungry came to within the blockade of Germany.  Though her fear was no self-obsessed but with that of her new younger brother of whom she admired.  And so, she fed him potatoes and soup and did what she could industrially to help him strive until the end of the war (the opening of Berlin soup kitchens).  Due to the shared similarities of their past, Berlin grew fonder of Germany and treats him as a favorite, advising him as a capital would but seeming to treat it in such a way that is like an older sibling tutoring their youngest.

Come WWII, Berlin became risky for the sake of her younger brother, holding assassination attempts for Hitler-- all of which failed.  However she continued advising Germany despite the deceit.

When the Berlin Wall was constructed, however, Berlin’s psyche was split in half between Berlin and her alter ego, Bonn.  Berlin herself had mixed feelings of the Soviets and her modern relationship with Russia can range between hateful, clingy, or romanced.  Berlin was an overall mess and could not focus on herself for the longest minute, her mind spinning and and creating clashing wars with every thought.  Though modern-day Berlin is not as broken as she was, the shattered psyche still remains and she does go through regressions.

Religious affiliation:
Protestant, if asked, but not openly religious.

Any special powers or abilities:
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Hallo, ich bin es Berlin <<Berlin>>
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