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 Hallo! I am Petru! (Moldova Application)

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Petru Ceban (Moldova)
Petru Ceban (Moldova)

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Hallo! I am Petru! (Moldova Application) Empty
PostSubject: Hallo! I am Petru! (Moldova Application)   Hallo! I am Petru! (Moldova Application) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2016 7:14 pm

Name: Petru Ceban

Representative of: Moldova

Age:12-13 (human age) 657 (historical Age)

Gender: male

Appearance: Moldova is a small boy with shaggy brown hair. He wears a small top hat on the left side of his head and usually can be seen dressed in a shabby, over-sized coat that's torn and patched up. Rather than average front teeth, Moldova sports a pair of fangs in the front of his mouth. He has two wild pieces of hair sticking out, with one on each side of his head. Moldova has brown eyes, and semi tan skin.

Personality: Moldova is very poor, so he is often quite amazed by simple technological things, as he does not have any of that most of the time. Moldova tends to act tough until he is faced with any real, (or imaginary) danger. He isn’t able to watch horror movies and what not unless he has somebody with him. He likes to snuggle with people, though, and has no problem trying to hide from things by snuggling with people. Moldova tends to dislike being in the sunlight, and is willing to do almost anything to avoid it. Petru almost always tries to make it seem like he was more awesome than a lot of places because he was part of the soviet union, and used to border Transylvania.


Religious affiliation: Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Powers/abilities: he is a lot stronger than he seems, and he can run very quickly.
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Hallo! I am Petru! (Moldova Application)
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