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 Hmph. Go to Maria, she knows how to handle you.

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Clara de la Cruz(2pPinas)

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PostSubject: Hmph. Go to Maria, she knows how to handle you.   Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:35 pm

Name: Clara Adarna de la Cruz

Representative of: Philippines (2p)

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 19, but is about 117(as of 2015) as a country

Brief personality: At first, she can be mean and rude, but she will show her softer side once you get to know her well. She knows where to place her sympathy and friendliness; if you did something she doesn't like, she'll be very mean to you. Clara is stubborn. She can be mischievous, and a bully. But sometimes, she gets so nostalgic when she's alone, thinking at the times when she was still a tribal leader(soon to be explained in her headcanons). She's naturally carefree, really different from when she's under Spain. She plays pranks whenever she feels like it, and her number one helper is her elf friend, Bugoy. She is also loud, and is prone to boredness; if she can't find something entertaining, she'll annoy you until she had her fill. She is not inclined to fight usually, since fighting reminds her of the times she has fought for her independence, and she's sensitive like that. But she will fight if she has to and if she was forced to. She hates being reminded of her past. She loves food, and she usually nibbles on anything that is food. Her personality really depends on who she's interacting with.

Brief physical description: Clara has long hair that's tied to a bun with a pearl pin. She has hair that's a shade lighter than Maria's, and a lighter shade of eyes. She usually wears Maria Clara when she feels like doing nothing, but otherwise she wears normal t-shirt and pants and her hair is down. She also has a choker with a gold pendant on it. Her skin is also a shade lighter than Maria's since she doesn't go out that much. And, it may not be seen, but she has faint traces of tattoos on her back(again, to be explained in her headcanons).

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: She was Roman Catholic, but she changed to none since the ways of the religion doesn't fit with her... doings.

Any special powers or abilities: She can use the arnis as well and can use the spear, and guns.

Her color in the chatbox is #cc00ff.
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Hmph. Go to Maria, she knows how to handle you.
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