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 Hmph. *drinks wine directly from bottle* Go away, I don't need you here.

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François Bonnefoy
François Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Hmph. *drinks wine directly from bottle* Go away, I don't need you here.   Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:46 am

Name: François Bonnefoy

Representative of: France (2p)

Gender: Male

Age: He looks 26, but literally he's 225.

Brief personality: Unlike his counterpart, 2P France is more lust over love. He appears to fall under the stereotype that Frenchmen are unpleasant and rude. He lacks a vigor for life and usually just spends his time with short and shallow pleasures. He tends to be lazy and selfish. He doesn't even care for tourists. France tends to be obstinate. He will put up an offensive and vulgar front. Ordinary relationships tend to be awkward for him, and he can easily be unfaithful. He doesn't really have any friends and sees everyone as basically worthless. He is shown to refuse eating anything unless it's from his country or very fine dining to where it's fit for a king. He is a heavy smoker and alcoholic. He has a passion for arguing, and like his counterpart, he will argue with England to pass the time. Despite his lack of a romantic mood, he is willing to bed with people. This being another example of his love for shallow pleasures. He can usually be seen at a brothel or bar.

Brief physical description: France does not have severely noticeable differences between himself and his counterpart. He often has sullen purple eyes, a melancholic expression, scruffier stubble, messy/long blond hair, and he is usually never seen without a cigarette. France usually wears a purple shirt. He never seen wearing anything too flashy or fancy. Most people assume that he dresses this way not because he doesn't have taste, but it's because he doesn't care.  

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities: N/A

His color in the chatbox is #330033.
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Hmph. *drinks wine directly from bottle* Go away, I don't need you here.
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