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 Hey, you there! Hey! Stop walking and listen to me!

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PostSubject: Hey, you there! Hey! Stop walking and listen to me!   Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:06 am

Name: Iwaizumi Hajime

Representative of: Iwaizumi Iwate (town), Japan.

Gender: Male

Human - 17 years
Historical - 128 years

Brief personality: Iwaizumi comes across as sullen and reserved, which could be either because he's normally seen sporting a frowny face, which just happens to be his everyday look, or his silence, which is due to the fact that he's often more concentrated on his thoughts or observing his surroundings; however, while he can be grumpy, he isn't sullen or bad-tempered. He doesn't go around chatting up random people with a bright smile plastered across his face, but he isn't a shy introvert who wants to have no business with people either. If one spends time around him, they will find a practical person who believes only when there's solid evidence. He is not the analytical, scheming type; instead, he focuses on logic and practicality. Myths and the like are scoffed at and are heavily criticised by Iwaizumi, and he doesn't bother trying to hide his low opinions of them. He's blunt, never bothering to sugarcoat his words, and isn't afraid to voice his thoughts, but he knows when to respect when needed. To most he appears to be the brusque type that doesn't care much about anything, but looks are deceiving, and so are seemingly indifferent people. Underneath, Iwaizumi is actually very loyal and cares immensely about those close to him; he'll do a lot for them, and is secretly very protective of them. He has a firm-but-caring attitude, and can act as a morale booster if needed. He can sometimes be a little harsh, both with his actions and his words, but he has no ill intentions. His seemingly tough exterior hides extreme vulnerability; he's hurt by words really easily, and can take a long time to get over psychological wounds.

Brief physical description: Iwaizumi has dark brown, spiked up hair and slightly thicker than average eyebrows. More often than not, he's shown to have an irked or serious expression, giving others the impression of a sullen, unapproachable person. His eyes are thin slits of green so dark a hue that it appears black or dark brown from far. His skin isn't what you would use for a skin company advertisement; it is tanned, and slightly rough at certain areas - especially his hands; those are very calloused - and faint scars can be seen if under bright light. He is often seen wearing khakis with dark brown details, a lavender-coloured button-down shirt, a dark red tie, and a white blazer. Often he appears rather disheveled, with his tie loose around his neck and his shirt left untucked.

Refer to the person on the left:

Brief history: The area of present-day Iwaizumi was part of ancient Mutsu Province, dominated by the Nambu clan during the Edo period, who ruled Morioka Domain under the Tokugawa shogunate. The village of Iwaizumi was created within Kitahei District on April 1, 1889. Kitahei, Nakahei and Higashihei Districts were all merged into Minamihei District on March 29, 1896. Iwaizumi was elevated to town status on August 1, 1922. On September 30, 1956, Imaizumi annexed the neighboring villages of Akka, Ugei, Okawa and Omoto and on April 1, 1957 annexed the village of Kogawa to reach is present borders.

[History credits go to Wikipedia.]

Religious affiliation: Shinto

Any special powers or abilities:

- Hands of healing
He can channel his healing magic into his hands, and wounds that come in contact with his hands will heal upon contact, but only if he is concentrating his magic into his hand. He can choose to remove his hands after the healing has started, but the healing process will be quickened by 1 post if his hands remain there. While small wounds require little concentration, large wounds drain him of energy and he requires massive concentration, and if it's broken, the wound will go back to its original state. Touching him lightly won't break his concentration, but loud noises will. Minor wounds like small hands and bruises will heal within 1 post, but large cuts and deep gashes take 2 posts to heal, and 1 post if his hands aren't removed. A sprained ankle/other part of body and a bone fracture takes 3 posts to heal and the healing process cannot be quickened. Poison, internal bleeding and allergic reaction to something cannot be healed by him, though.

- It's mine as well
Iwaizumi can use the abilities of others, but he cannot do so without body contact and permission from the other person. In order to access the other person's power, they must stand back to back with their arms linked, each facing the opposite direction. Iwaizumi will then have to ask: "May I?" and the other person must respond with "Yes, you may." Immediately a connection - a thin golden rope - between the two will be made, and they can see the rope in their minds if they close their eyes. The connection is a two-way one, menacing that one can access the other's power and vice versa, but it will break if both people are at least 200 feet apart. To break the connection, both can imagine severing the rope with a blade.

- Water zaps.
They are small bursts of water that blast from his hands in the shape of a tiny arc, and they're usually too low-powered to be destructive; however, they can cause small cuts, and he uses this to tire his opponent from dodging his his water zaps. The furthest they can go is 20 feet.
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Hey, you there! Hey! Stop walking and listen to me!
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