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 Do you stop believing in the moon, just because the sun comes up?

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Jack Frost (Winter)
Jack Frost (Winter)

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Do you stop believing in the moon, just because the sun comes up? Empty
PostSubject: Do you stop believing in the moon, just because the sun comes up?   Do you stop believing in the moon, just because the sun comes up? Icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2015 4:27 am

Human Name: Jackson Overland
Current name: Jack Frost (or Jackson Overland Frost)

Representative of: Winter

Gender: Male

Age: Winter has no known timeline on when it started, but he looks 17 (in some books he is depicted as 14; in some, 17; in the movie, 18) and as Winter he is 314 (this corresponds to when he was 'resurrected')

Brief personality: Jackson Overland Frost, better known as Jack Frost, is the main protagonist in Rise of the Guardians and an immortal supernatural being much like the Guardians. Unlike the others, however, he is a loner, the classic rebel without a cause, sarcastic and mischievous. As the manifestation of winter, Jack Frost is capable of manipulating ice and snow. He is the spirit of mischief and chaos personified, but when he discovers the purpose behind his powers, he will become a true Guardian, representing "Fun."

Full personality:

As Nightlight:

Brief physical description: Before Jack became immortal, he had brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. His clothing consisted of a white v-neck undershirt with a brown vest and brown trousers. He also wore a brown poncho to covered himself from the cold. He was seen with ice skates but was never seen wearing them.

Jack currently has white hair, striking blue eyes, and pale skin. He has a tall stature, albeit slim. His clothing is a blue hooded sweater, frost collecting around the ring of the collar, and trousers bound with lighter material starting from the knee down to the rather tattered and frayed bottom, and is barefoot throughout the movie. He carries around a magical staff with a G-shaped arch, resembling a shepherd's crook. It is Jack's gateway to help him unleash his powers of conjuring snow, ice, and frost. Before Jack's current attire, he was seen wearing a brown cloak, a white woolen shirt, and a small brown open vest. He wore the same pants as seen in the present. Jack is currently over 300 years old though with an appearance of a teenager.

As Nightlight:

Brief history: He may originate from Anglo-Saxon and Norse winter customs. In Russia however, he has taken on a different form as Grandfather Frost, and in Germany there is instead a different entity altogether. There are various other mythological beings who take on a similar role yet have different folklore to them. Jack Frost has appeared as a character in television and movies. He was mentioned in the wintertime song "The Christmas Song". He has been presented as a villain, a hero, or neither.

Personal history:

As Nightlight:

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities:
As Jack Frost:

As Nightlight:

His color in the chatbox is #0000ff.
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Do you stop believing in the moon, just because the sun comes up?
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