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 あなたの知り合いを作ることを嬉しく。 (Yamato period app)

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Yamato Takeru (大和)
Yamato Takeru (大和)

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PostSubject: あなたの知り合いを作ることを嬉しく。 (Yamato period app)   Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:29 pm


Yamato Takeru no Mikoto (ヤマトタケルノモコト). The kanji of his name varies; in the Nihon Shoki it is written as 日本武尊, while in the Kojiki it is written as 倭建命.
*That is his full title and in his day it would have been disrespectful to refer to him as anything else, although nowadays he's OK with being addressed as either Yamato or Takeru.

Representative of:
Yamato period of Japan (大和時代, Yamato-jidai).


Appears 25, although Prince Yamato Takeru (supposedly) died aged 42.
As a representation, the official year the Yamato period began is disputed but some say it began in 250.

Brief personality:

Brief physical description:
Takeru has been described as "Captivating all eyes with his beautiful appearance but what lies under is a man who ruthlessly murdered his relative to acquire power." It's not far-fetched. At the height of 5'11 with a relatively muscular build, he has a rather impressive and intimidating figure. His facial features are conventionally handsome and refined, accentuated by his pale complexion, fierce golden eyes and tousled black hair. Most often he's seen wearing an embroidered haori over a kimono or hakama typical of those who lived during his time period, but nowadays he might be seen wearing a white naval jacket with red and gold embellishments, a grey, red, and white tunic, white trousers, and a red headband which is seen to be partially covered by his long bangs. Occasionally he can be seen with his sword in hand.

Brief history:
Brief history of the Yamato period:
The legend of Prince Yamato Takeru:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He's an excellent swordsman and his famous sword Kusanagi no tsurugi is allegedly described as "the sword bursting with heavenly fire".

Theme song:
Prayer Voice/祈声 (KAITO)

Takeru's color on the chatbox is #CC3333
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あなたの知り合いを作ることを嬉しく。 (Yamato period app)
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