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 hah~ Wanna make a contract?~

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Luciela Abbadon(Hell)

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PostSubject: hah~ Wanna make a contract?~   Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:17 am

Luciela Abaddon

Representative of:


19 years old (as a human)
As a place she is as old as the Earth.

Brief personality:
Luciela is seen to be a mischievous and childish person, not hesitating to pull a prank on anyone she meets. Though she acts much like a child that doesn't mean she can't be serious, when she is she normally wears a blank face and speaks in a serious manner. There are times she will act sadistic around people, this happens pretty often when she is near someone she doesn't like. She has a love for manipulating people and making them do what she wants, on rare occasions she will possess a person just to make them do something pretty bad. It is rare to see her upset and even when she is upset she manages to wear a smile just to keep people from finding out.

Brief physical description:
Luciela is seen to have long white hair that is styled into somewhat of a braid, two long locks of white hair unbraided seeming like pigtails, golden colored rings on the ends of them. She is seen to have blue eyes, that have white star shaped pupils, when she is angry it is seen that her blue eyes turn blood red. She has pale almost porceline like skin, two horns on the sides of her head, along with a tail. It's hard to describe her casual/work attire, so please look at the picture, on rare occasions when she is not working she will be seen in a basic dark blue dress that reaches to mid thigh. She is almost always seen wearing a crown on the to of her head.
Her Appearence:

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
She can summon demons as she pleases[like Lucasta for example], though since it takes up most of her energy she doesn't. She can use teleknisis and control fire. Like most demonic entities she is weak to anything holy.

Lucille's color in the chatbox is #000066
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hah~ Wanna make a contract?~
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