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 How Does That Make You Feel...?

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Anari Rihajna (Anrihajn)

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PostSubject: How Does That Make You Feel...?   Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:47 pm

Anari Rihajna.



Physical Description:
Eyes: Red.
Hair: Black.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145 lb.
Bust: 36 D
More Info: Anari is a lithe demoness with a curvy body, and pale, smooth skin.  She has jet black hair that cascades down to her waist in luscious waves. Her eyes are glossy red orbs that shine in the light, accentuated by her dark eyelashes. She’s the only one in her family that does not have excessively long claw-like nails, as she likes to trim herself and look more human. Although she may be a sweet individual, that does not mean she doesn’t still look like a succubus. She typically wears black, leather skimpy clothes that show off her curves of her body, with red accents and jewels adorning her outfit. She has long, upwards-pointing horns and a typical black demon tail, along with medium-sized black demon wings that she usually keeps hidden.


Brief Personality:
Anari is a sweet, protective individual who could be considered a ‘nice demon.’ A rare phenomenon, this qualifies her as the only therapist in Hell, despite the fact that nice demons could be executed if they do not meet the requirements as a demon. Her only saving grace from execution might be her more naughty side. As a succubus, she must have intercourse to survive. Though she isn’t too fond of emotionally-detached one-nightstands, she must do it to survive, so she does it without complaints. Since she is the outcast of her brutally sadistic family, along with being one of the only nice demons in hell, she doesn’t have many friends. Yes, she has friends on Earth, but she’s usually working in Hell (as required by Malachi), so she doesn’t have much time to spend with them. Still, she keeps herself going by making her clients happy. Without her job that she enjoys, she would likely fall apart, as she is secretly lonely. This is also in part due to her upbringing. Because she was locked away most of her life in a cave, she has trouble with her social skills, which hinders her from making new friends. In recent years, she has grown more accustomed to talking to others, especially with her new job. She’s developed a sense of humour, and she’s known to mildly tease those she considers to be close. She’s best at comforting others though, and her best trait is her magnificent advice-giving skills. She’d bend over backwards for almost anyone, as she selflessly puts all others before herself. She might surprise you, though. Once you get to know her, she could be a Hell of a lot of fun. You must simply get through her awkwardly nice attitude to get to her more humorous, lax side.

Personal History:
Coming soon.

Representative Of:

Gyrudus literally just jumbled up his surname to come up with the name and added an extra N.

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
Millenniums ago.



Gyrudus’ Castle.


In the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.
29.460153, -137.554671

570 sq mi.


Coat of Arms:

“Adducam interitum.”

The island was created long by Satan himself as a link between Hell and Earth. If one were to search for Anrihajn from outer space, they wouldn’t be able to locate the island since it is hidden with magic. The energy from the Island is known to crash private jets or private boats traveling between LA and Hawaii, usually those when someone with magic is on board. Once trapped on the island, there is no way to use magic to get off since there is a magic barrier. Everything in the island tries to kill you, even the island itself. It is known to get extremely hot or extremely cold when humans are trapped on it, and demons chase and kill the humans and drag their souls to hell.

King Gyrudus, the father of both Anari, Ryuku, and Daymojn was given rights to own and govern over the Island by Satan thousands of years ago, but was recently killed by Exousia and her companions, accompanied by Anari whom had been trapped in a hidden cage for centuries, finally released. Gyrudus, Daymojn, Ryukju, and Anari were all killed during the battle, leaving the hectic island vacant of a ruler. Later Gyrudus, Ryukju, and Anari were revived illegally behind Satan’s back, and brought Exousia and her companions back to execute her. Malachi intercepted, also behind Satan’s back, and killed Gyrudus once more, saving Exousia. Ryukju managed to escape death twice by using illusions, thus avoiding Malachi’s vengeful wrath. The rule of the Island fell into Ryukju and Anari’s hands, but Anari handed all power over to her brother since she hated the Island with a burning passion. Ryukju now governs over the Island, which is home to an important, powerful Dream Demon, Auberon.

Daymojn: Brother
Gyrudus: Father
Ryukju: Brother
Soriphyne: Sister

Major Exports:
Souls (to Hell).

Religious Affiliation:
Any Abrahamic religion.

Special Abilities
She’s a strong demon, so she has the ability to use magic.
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How Does That Make You Feel...?
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