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 Salem, the City of Witches

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Robin (Salem)

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PostSubject: Salem, the City of Witches   Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:40 pm

Name: Robin Miles Jones

Representative of: Salem, Massachusetts

Gender: Male

Age: 15 human, around 390 historically
(human and historical)

Brief personality: Robin is a pretty social guy. He likes to please others, and as a tourism town, thrives on entertaining others. Robin likes to explore and learn new things. While he is very outdoorsy, loving to spend time in the woods, he can also be a huge book worm if the subject interests him. He's also quite a little shit, and he knows it. He likes to ask people if they want to see "magic" then proceeds to do shitty little parlor tricks such as pulling coins from your ear and making a napkin disappear. When it comes to his real magic, Robin hides it and isn't very trusting to show others his gift. He was persecuted during the witch trials, and went through serious bigotry. Now he is scared to show others, and practices in private if at all.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief physical description: Robin is a lean young man with pale skin and not much meat on his bones. He relies more on magic than he does on muscle. He has messy blonde hair that gets into his bright green eyes a lot. He has subtle freckles all over his cheeks. He wears lots of t-shirts and jeans. He layers up with dress shirts left unbuttons and hoodies. Robin really loves cats and often has cat ear headbands or paw print patterns on his clothes.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief history: Salem was first settled by Europeans in 1626. Since then it has grown as an important port and fishing city. However in the 1690's the witch trials started up, causing panic and false accusations. After that Salem became famous for it's witches. As time went on, the city became a tourist attraction with it's historic homes and history of witches.
(at least 5 sentences)

Religious affiliation: Protestant

Any special powers or abilities: Robin is a witch (he doesn't like the idea of gender specific titles), and is also quite good at parlor tricks so others don't take him seriously when he talks about magic. He hides the fact he can use it.
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Salem, the City of Witches
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