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 It's time, my friend...(Mount Massive Asylum App)

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Jeffery Woods (MM Asylum)

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PostSubject: It's time, my friend...(Mount Massive Asylum App)   Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:38 am

Name: Jeffery Alan Woods

Representative of: Mount Massive Asylum

Gender: Male

Age (in both human years and approximate age as a place): He appears 18, actually 70 years as a place.

Brief personality: Jeffery is rather insane. Jeffery is mostly sarcastic and rude, but he doesn’t seem too cocky. Jeffery enjoys inflicting pain, keep that in mind because he would probably end up hurting everyone. Jeffery is mostly giggly because of intense insanity. He also stares at someone for some reason which is not known yet. He is sometimes seen being the silent back character, because he sometimes doesn’t communicate with people sometimes.

Brief physical description: Jeffery wears  a black short-sleeved shirt hidden under a white hoodie. Wearing black pants, and random shoes. Jeffery’s skin is pale white. His eyes has black borders  that forms around it. Jeffery’s hair is rather long that reaches until his shoulders, but it is sometimes seen shorter.  

Brief history: Mount Massive Asylum is an asylum that mostly contains experimentations, Psychopaths, and Cannibals. It is located in the remote mountains of Lake County, Colorado, USA.
In 1945, the O.S.S. initiates Operation Paperclip, recruiting scientists from Nazi Germany to conduct research for the USA. 22 years later, Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane is established. Three scientists are murdered by an unknown patient. Authorities order the asylum to cease all activities. Then in 1971,  Mount Massive Asylum is finally closed due to a certain incident that happened causing the inmates to lose control and many murders unleashed. During 1972 , CIA Director Richard Helms orders all MKUltra files to be destroyed. A small number of documents survive, scattered throughout the asylum.Then in 2009 , The clinic was re-opened by the Murkoff Corporation, which for the next several years conducts illegal experiments on patients with the sole purpose being profit.
Locations of the asylum:

Religious affiliation (if any): Unknown, probably christian because of the built chapel.

Any special powers or abilities (if any): He’s good with blades, and efficient elimination.
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It's time, my friend...(Mount Massive Asylum App)
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