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 Don't Waste Your Time On Me...

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Shinkenshima no Kuni

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PostSubject: Don't Waste Your Time On Me...   Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:52 pm


Yamanbagiri Kunihiro



Physical Description:
Eyes: Cerulean
Hair: Flaxen blonde
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 120 lb
More Info:
Although Yamanbagiri’s ethnicity is East Asian, he has pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes because he was created in a laboratory as an AI. His facial structure still reflects his ethnicity, though. Because he was created in a laboratory, his body is a lot stronger and tougher than that of a normal human, and his abilities could be considered inhuman. Despite being short, he is still lean and fit, though certainly lithe and elegant.

He usually wears a shredded white cloak to hide his appearance which he hates, pulled down to cover his face. There’s rarely a time you see him without a sword on him, an uchigatana, especially when he’s wearing his more traditional/formal clothing.


Brief Personality:
Yamanbagiri has a strong dislike for himself and a low self-worth, often making comments that degrade himself. Because of his self-hatred, he likes to feel useful to those he deems as better than himself, and wouldn’t mind doing dirty work or chores for them. Even so, he doesn’t let himself be a doormat, as he’s stubborn and he doesn’t back down from a fight. He’s extremely stiff and prickly during a normal conversation with him, but if he’s angry, he shows his rage by being passive aggressive. Though he tends to be a bit overemotional, he’d never cry in front of someone else since he wants to be seen as strong. He’d rather bottle up his tears and store them on a hidden shelf than ever confess to his stressors or weaknesses.

He’s sort of a paradox in that he contradicts himself. If one were to compliment him, he’d quickly dismiss the compliment and shoot down himself in response. Though ironically if one were to insult him or address him a fake, he’d lash out and claim he’s “Kunihiro’s masterpiece.” Another example is that Yamanbagiri is afraid to love someone. He could be described as tsundere, denying affection to those he truly cares about, but only because he feels having these emotions would be insulting to the one on the receiving end. Yet on the contrary, he desperately craves love and attention and wants nothing more than to be accepted and loved by someone. Because of his contradicting feelings, he finds it hard to trust himself, which stacks further on top of his self-deprecating attitude. This leads to an endless cycle of self-hate that he’ll never get out of unless someone helps him do so.

Personal History:
He was created in a laboratory to represent the island, and he was successfully made into an AI. Unfortunately, humans still did not possess the godly ability to create a soul or a spirit, so he was more or less without true sentience or emotion. Though a few years after the war of Independence, the Kintaro Kitaoka’s prized possession that he used in war, Kunihiro’s replica of Yamanbagiri, was cursed by an unknown spiteful human. The curse made it to where the sword and its tsukumogami (the sword’s spirit) had to separate, and doing so would have destroyed the sword and dispersed the spirit. But the Kitaoka had an idea- he decided to put the spirit in the AI. At that point, the AI now has a soul and consciousness and decided to go by the name of Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, naturally. This basically created a walking talking sword represents Shinken-shima no kuni.

The Kitaoka eventually grew disinterested in Kunihiro’s replica of Yamanbagiri, and moved onto displaying other swords and cherishing them. Yamanbagiri Kunihiro faded from the public’s view as a patriotic symbol, which crushed him. He began to believe it was because he was a replica, and that if he was the real deal, he’d still be important in the public eye.

Nowadays, he’s indentured to whoever wields his sword.

Representative Of:
Shinken-shima no Kuni

Shin- can either mean "new", " true" or "trust" depending on usage of kanji. -ken is the onyomi reading of the character for sword (剣). Shima means island and kuni is just kingdom, state, or province.

Former Place Names:

Day Formed:
The island was constructed from 2205 to 2207, the end dating being October 3, 2207.

Rule by the meritorious; a system of governance where groups are selected on the basis of people's ability, knowledge in a given area, and contributions to society. For this, the rule is passed down to the most accomplished apprentice, and they are usually adopted as the ruling family’s son/daughter and takes on their last name.

Kintaro Kitaoka



100 km to the right of Chiba.

5,061 km2 (1954 sq mi)


True honour is eternal.

In the future, provinces of Japan are owned by rich noble families who hire saniwa to fight for them. Kintaro Kitaoka was one of these apprentices, but he was fed up with the system and decided to create his own province, Shinkenshima no Kuni. To prove his worth in being able to rule his own province, he had to engage in war many times to prove himself capable.The way he did so was with his trusty sword, Kunihiro's replica of Yamanbagiri, or YamaKuni. When he earned the right to rule, he used the wealth of the noble families to build a new island for himself, the construction taking two years, from 2205 to 2207. On October 3rd, when it was finished and finally open to public, many people began to move there for safety and for it's beauty. YamaKuni started out as the symbol of the new province, but over time people shrugged it off and forgot. Kitaoka is still the ruler of today, but now he wields a different sword.

Rocky tensions with the other provinces, though they all have a common goal so they’re forced to get along.

Major Exports:
Manufactured luxury goods.

Religious Affiliation:

Special Abilities
Abnormally strong and sturdy, since his body is technically made up of a light metal.

This character's hexcode is #6699CC.
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Don't Waste Your Time On Me...
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