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 The Country of the Mist

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Aoi Shinshi 【Nebulasia】

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PostSubject: The Country of the Mist   Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:41 pm

Aoi Shinshi.



Physical Description:
Eyes: Misty grey
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 140 lb
His country had been shrouded by mist since forever, and thus hardly any sun touched the skin of the people who lived there. All of the people had light coloured hair, skin, and eyes. The women were typically 5’6” and the men were 6’0”. They were mostly skinny since they all worked together to farm and thrive.

Brief Personality:
He is a sweet young man with good intentions in almost everything he does, and he's quite chivalrous to women. Hardly ever stressed by anything, his extreme stress resilience leads him to be calm in almost every situation. He would never raise his hand to anyone and avoids physical fights, and tries to mediate arguments when they occur. Having a strong sense of fairness, he helps those he thinks are in need of it. Although he holds his tongue, not wanting to say anything offensive, if he were to ditch his filter, he'd shock you with his witty, fast remarks.

Representative Of:

“Nebula” means “mist” in Latin. The land is shrouded by mist and the ancient people who lived there were named Nebulasians by the English.

Former Country Names:
Berisia, Somura, Grey Isles.

Day Formed:
First Time Recognised as a Country: April 4th, 886
Independence Day: April 4th, 1846

Monarchical parliamentary democratic republic.

Queen Korynth I.



2012 miles to the right off the coast of Australia.

Roughly 3,062 square miles.


Coat of Arms:

Berise A Nosi Hanake, Nebulasia’s motto, means “the mist will protect us."

The country was named Berisia by the natives who lived there. It means ‘misty land’ in the ancient language. In ancient times, the country prospered. The people there could have been considered the most advanced at the time. Its existence was unknown until Chinese traders sailed of course and crashed there in 791 AD. The news of new land spread to both Japan and China, and peasants from both countries sailed to Berisia to escape taxes, religious persecution, and feudalism. In 801 AD, Mitoko Somura’s family rose to power in 823, and began building on the country. With taxes from the Japanese and Chinese peasants, he created building and palaces. He could not tax the Nebulasians because he considered them to be divine. The Nebulasians supported him because they were open to any change that may help the nation thrive. He died in 842, with only a female child. She was married, and her name was Raimei Shikoto. Her husband, Tomaru Shikoto, rose to power, and he continued to reform the country. He renamed the country Somura, after Raimei’s father and family. In 886, Somura was finally recognised as a country by other nations, but Shikoto died a year afterwards. His son rose to power and established a government identical to China’s and even applied the Civil Service system. The country began trading in 929 and prospered from it. In 1447, when the Bubonic Plague hit Europe, the island isolated itself completely from the outside word to protect the people. The island stayed isolated for almost three centuries.
In 1788, when England colonised Australia, Somura was colonised as well. He named the colony the Grey Isles, due to the island always being shrouded in mist and due to the lack of creativity to the English people as a whole when it comes to naming things. The people were overtaxed and were not represented. Due to the islands fertile land, warm (yet misty) climate, and beautiful landscapes, many people moved to the Grey Isles. In 1806, when a huge diamond mine was found, there was a mass influx of immigrants to the island from various countries. Many of the people because rich from the fertile land, diamond mines, and trade. England benefited greatly from the colony, and the people living there began to resent the high taxes. They began revolting in 1842, and the British sent reinforcements. The people of the Grey Isles grabbed weapons to fight and the event became known as the Nebulasian Revolution. William Blunt, a poor man in the Grey Isles at the time, bravely lead the Nebulasian people into war. China and Japan lent supplies for the war to the Nebulasian people. Even so, the Nebulasians were completely crushed at the beginning of the war. It wasn’t until the battle of Soro that they had a chance. They used the gunpowder from China for bombs and hid in trees, blowing up the unsuspecting Brits. Eventually, at the beginning of 1846, the battle of Solunes, the final battle, occurred. In a final attempt to keep the Nebulasians under their rule, the English set fire to the entire island. The whole place burnt down, yet the Nebulasians won the battle by ambushing the English in Solunes. The Nebulasians declared independence on April 4th, 1846 (April 4th ironically being the day the country was first recognised). The people of the newly freed country chose William Blunt to be their king, and he named the country Nebulasia in honour of the ancient people. The country avoided the world wars and hasn’t been to battle since the revolution. The country still trades and prospers today.

America – Trade partners. Possible acquaintances.
Australia – Friends.
China – Trade partners. Learned to make silk from him in the earlier ages.
Indonesia – Nebulasia adores Indonesia and sees her as a sister.
Japan – Trade partners. Strictly business.
New Zealand – Sees him/her as a little brother/sister.
Philippines – Close friends, trade partners.
Russia – Trade partners. He has a slight fear of him.
UK – He doesn’t really hate him, nor does he like him. When he crushed his forces and colonised her, he had to adjust quickly. He noticed that he didn’t get quite as much harsh treatment as his other colonies. He assumed it was because the natives in his country were the same skin colour as England’s people. He disrespected Arthur for that much, but said no word of it. When his people gained independence, they celebrated. Then again, Nebulasia was glad it happened. England pushed his country’s potential to the max. He opened him up for trade and her economy flourished because of him. Although he sort of appreciates him, he avoids Arthur as much as he can. He finds it frightening and nerve racking to talk to him after the final battle of the Nebulasian Revolution, the Battle of Solunes, where he burned down the entire island.

Major Exports:
Diamonds, silk, tropical fruits.

Religious Affiliation:
Ivanism was the religion of the Ancient Nebulasians, but nowadays, the country is a mix Protestants, Atheists, and then a few minorities.

Special Abilities
Can control anything with water; water magic.
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The Country of the Mist
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