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 The country of Sleria (Revised)

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Eira Aesling (Sleria)

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PostSubject: The country of Sleria (Revised)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:20 pm

Human Name: Amelia Aesling

Representative of: The Kingdom of Sleria

Gender: Female


  • Country age:


  • Human age:



Amelia is a girl who is 5'3'' feet and 100 lbs. She has long wavy chocolate brown hair, and blue eyes and fair skin. She usualy wears her military uniform which consist in a white shirt with a blue ribbon tied on the neck, a green jacket and dress pants of the same color tucked in her black boots, she also uses a Sam Browne belt.


Amelia is a kind and gentle girl, she is quite extroverted but she is calm and a bit reserved arround new people. Amelia is very optimistic, always thinks for the best. She enjoys the peace and quiet, and usually can be found reading a book; even thought she likes to go visit her older brother Alfred who is the opposite of calm.
She likes to help the others, and is a sensitive person. Amelia is very patient but gets bored easily. She is a bit dependent but always tries to prove otherwise.
Amelia is quite resentful and uses to daydream from time to time.She is very curios, she likes to know more about new countries she meets. She also likes to keep her manners, something she got since Arthur used to tell her to always be "Lady Like"

Amelia is someone who likes calm activities like reading or writting, her favorite books ar romantic or mistery.Though she can be seen playing videogames with Alfred and hockey with Matthew (She always loses). She likes the piano, and her favorite food is fish with white rice. She also has a thing for scones, and her fovorite tea is chamomile with sugar.
Amelia likes the snow, in fact her favorite activity is cross country ski. She is a good cook but doesn't really think so.

Personal history
Coming soon

National history

Country's flag


Sleria is formed by two worlds Sl'e tha means eart and Ria that means sea, and put together it means earth of the sea

Day of independence
November 15th

constitutional monarchy

Economy Minister Albert Harvey


National flower
White rose

Coming soon

Special abilities
Much like Arthur, Amelia is able to see magical creatures and use magic

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The United Kingdom

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PostSubject: Re: The country of Sleria (Revised)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:29 pm

Can you add a little bit more to your physical description? You need at least five sentences of extra information. Thank you.

You have 72 hours to fix this or your application will be deleted.


Many believe that it's wonderful to be a nation.

But they forget...

There's the pain. The destruction. The loneliness.

Worst of all... matter what you do... will never forget the damage...

...of losing your closest friends...

...because you were too stupid to open your eyes and realise what you had before it was all

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The country of Sleria (Revised)
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