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 Pruzahbo wah Etheral.

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PostSubject: Pruzahbo wah Etheral.   Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:24 pm

Lusca Sæther.



Physical Description:
Eyes: Yellow.
Hair: Smoky-purple.
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 135 lb.
More Info: She has a draconic form, her dragon species being nonpareli draco. That is basically a gem dragon, and her gemstone is a grey star sapphire. Her human appearance is however not fully human alone.
Lusca is quite skinny. She wears regal looking clothes, typically of a smoky grey or purple colour. Her hair is short and smoky purple and she has horns that sprout out of her head. She has a tail of the same colour, but her most shocking trait is her bright yellow eyes that contrast all of the grey-purple. She has powerful wings that aren’t too large in human form. She has grey-purple scales on her cheeks, shoulders, thighs, sides, hips, calves, and forearms.

Draconic Form:

Brief Personality:
Lusca is loving and protective and she can be quite curious as well. Her main trait would have to be how when shit goes down, she can be very calm and serious. She finds it hard to fully trust others after the war with the Terrans, so she always keeps her guard up. It’s very hard to get her mad, and if you do, all hell breaks loose as she gets animalistic and her humanity flies out the window. She never backs down from a challenge and she loves adventure. She loves to sleep and take naps. One of her most favourite things to do is to fly.

Personal History:
Lusca was one of the first dragons to exist on the island, making her one of the oldest dragons along with Aleks. Her and Aleks’ parents passed away when the Terrans attacked their land to try and reap it of its plentiful magical resources. Lusca sheltered herself after the war, terrified of what may happen if she were to remerge to where the war occurred. She stayed with Aleks and looked to him as the only person she could trust, her trust greatly faltering towards others.

Representative Of:

Etheral (source word) - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
Solstice day 44, in the year 22043.


The name is unknown, but it is told in old stories of a massive dragon of godlike qualities stretched a claw to the planet and formed the geology and separated the land masses creating Etheral and Terra.

The mountain at the centre of the land (Etheral), the top cratered out with a natural hot spring bubbling at the centre.


Another galaxy, almost parallel to Earth’s.

Larger than Earth, smaller than Jupiter.


Coat of Arms:
Coat of Arms:


"Naal dun, ni fus"
By skill, not force.

Prior to the attack by Terra, Etheral was a peaceful land, where dragons lived and thrived peacefully studying old texts and various terrain writings in attempts to further understand their strange, overbearing ways. After the war (lasting around 100 years, though time rubs much slower than that of the earths), the residents of Etheral dragon and non were never quite the same and rather on edge. Once peaceful, the dragons were now more on guard and learned to defend their land and themselves. Although since the fight and heightened defences, Terrans do still try to attack however the mountainous coast prevents and slows many Terrans. It is still largely attempted to enter the land and take magical resources, though their advances have been inhibited by that of a large mountainous range between the two large land masses. Etheral itself has a continuation of the detached mountain chain through the land providing sheltered nesting grounds from the harsh environment and the islands other magical inhabitants. Though fed by the dragons, the hatchlings and eggs have no way of surviving or fending for themselves, requiring the attention of one or both parents.

Terra: Hostile.

Major Exports:
Etheral is known for its plentiful magical resources, though they don’t really export anything to anyone.

Religious Affiliation:
Centred around a single, dragon-like god.

Special Abilities
She can switch between her dragon and humanoid form.

All dragons no matter the age are magically inclined. Whether they choose to pursue this is up to them personally.
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Pruzahbo wah Etheral.
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