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 Etheral, the land of dragons - updated with new app template

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Aleks Sæther(Etheral)

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PostSubject: Etheral, the land of dragons - updated with new app template   Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:16 pm

Name: Aleks Sæther

Gender: Male

Age: 21 as human appearance

Physical Description:
Eyes: Crimson with gold flecking and slitted pupils
Hair: shoulder length dark strawberry blonde hair
Height: 6' 4" (human)
Weight: 170 lbs (human)
More Info: has an alternate (default) draconic form. His human appearance is however not fully human alone. Having scale patches on his cheeks fore arms, thighs, hips and back along with tail

Appearance as dragon:

appearance as human SFW:

Brief Personality:
Aleks is a carefree, open minded dragon. Always willing to flash a smile and make a friend. Though his odd features may throw some off. His large teeth and scaled features tend to throw some off and discourage them from really talking to the young dragon. Though generally carefree and relaxed, he does and can have times where he becomes aggressive and easily angered like any animal, most body positions can give away how he feels.

Personal History:
Aleks was one of the first few dragons on the island making him (and his sister) the oldest dragons after their parents passed in a fight against Terra who had tried to take Etheral for its neumerous magical resources. Losing their parents hit Aleks hard. Sending his emotions into a tail spin Aleks sheltered himself away from the rest of the world as younger (by a few hundred years) dragons began to emerge from their homes looking for guidance to rebuild after the Terrans attacked.

Representative Of:

Etheral (source word) - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Former Country Names:
n/a still a very new world

Day Formed:
Solstice day 44 in the year 22043


The name is unknown, but it is told in old stories of a massive dragon of godlike qualities stretched a claw to the planet and formed the geology and separated the land masses creating etheral and terra.

The mountain at the center of the land (Etheral) the top cratered out with a natural hit spring bubbling at the center


In another galaxy almost parallel to earths

Larger than earth, though smaller than Jupiter

Coat of Arms:

Naal dun, ni fus.

Prior to the attack by Terra, Etheral was a peaceful land, where dragons lived and thrived peacefully studying old texts and various terrain writings in attempts to further understand their strange, overbearing ways. After the war (lasting around 100 years, though time rubs much slower than that of the earths), the residents of Etheral dragon and non were never quite the same and rather on edge. Once peaceful, the dragons were now more on guard and learned to defend their land and themselves. Although since the fight and hightened defenses, Terrans do still try to attack however the mountainous coast prevents and slows many terrans. It is still largely attempted to enter the land and take magical resources.

Terra - hostile

Major Exports:

Religious Affiliation:
Centered around a single "god"

Special Abilities
Can switch between Dragon and humanish.

All dragons no matter the age are magically inclined. Wether they choose to pursue this is up to them personally.
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Etheral, the land of dragons - updated with new app template
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