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 APH Lithuania application.

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Toris L. {Lithuania}
Toris L. {Lithuania}

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APH Lithuania application. Empty
PostSubject: APH Lithuania application.   APH Lithuania application. Icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2015 8:03 am

Name: Toris Laurinaitis.

Representative of: Lietuvos Respublika.

Gender: Male.

Age: In human age, he's a 19 year old. Representation-wise he has been around since the 1230s.

Brief personality: The eldest of the three Baltics, Lithuania controlled Middle and Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, and was a formidable knight that once beat Prussia, until he was taken by Russia. Though he managed to get away for a time, he always wound up back under Russia's control. After the Soviet Union fell, he fully regained his independence and went to rehabilitate with Poland.

He is extremely serious, even more serious than Germany, and worse at understanding jokes. He is a bit of an introvert and easy to take advantage of. He also tends to depress himself so much that he gets a stomachache, and generally has a weak stomach. Despite all this, Lithuania is described as being the relatively most cheerful of the Baltics, and the type of person who will welcome one into his heart once he knows the person. He tries to be a big brother figure and enjoys looking after others. However, it may be his kindness and concern for others that causes him so much distress.

Lithuania is also said to be interested in martial arts and literature, and drives a second-hand car.
Before the Polish-Swedish wars were to begin, Finland notes that though Lithuania is usually so kind, and looks like he couldn't hurt a fly, his face in battle changes. He shows exceptional leadership skills towards his soldiers, and his abilities in making strategies is extraordinary. By feigning a retreat at the beginning, he outsmarted Prussia and dived in just in time to save Poland.

In a rare strip, it is shown that the other two Baltics think highly of him, but resent that he ignores them in favor of spending time with Poland. In the character identification chart, it was said that there's no mistaking him if Russia or Poland are pushing him around.

Brief physical description: Lithuania is a plain-faced young man with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes. In the Axis Powers Hetalia anime, they were colored blue, however their color was changed back to green in Hetalia: The Beautiful World. He's slender, but has a strong body. In his WWII appearances, he wears a green military uniform with tall boots (or simple shoes, depending on the reference image).[8][9] Lithuania sometimes wears his hair tied back into a ponytail, such as when he worked as a housekeeper or when he was younger.

In the strip While You Were Gone, Lithuania is shown to have deep scars covering his back.

Brief history:
Lithuania's History:

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic.

Any special powers or abilities: He has great leadership skills and he's a great fighter.


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APH Lithuania application.
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