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 Leuchteland Application

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Leuchteland (Friedrich)

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PostSubject: Leuchteland Application   Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:06 am

Name: Friedrich von Schwarzritter

Representative of: Imperial Leuchteland

Gender: Male

Age: 25 in human about 95 since his country was established. (Not counting his former past as Byzantine Empire.)

Brief personality: Friedrich is a rather calm man who is hardly fazed by anything. He is also quite intelligent which shows in his ability to strategize and make things, like his custom made pistol or his pet mechanical eagle. He is chivalrous due to him being a knight once so he is very well mannered. Friedrich is also very courageous and fears hardly anyone or anything. He is even willing to make sacrifices for others, even if it means risking his life.

Brief physical description: Friedrich is well over 6 ft tall and well built, partially due to personal training and the Ubersoldat formula. He has black hair cut into a military style and rare golden eyes. He usually wears a black stiff collar uniform with gold buttons and a few medals on it, along with a white Sam Browne belt from which hang his trusty modified Mauser C96 and his sword from his Black Knight days. Finally, he wears black riding breeches and riding boots. He is also ordinarily wearing a pickelhaube helmet. When not in his Storm Elite uniform, he dresses like a man from the early 1900's.

Brief history: Friedrich was once the Byzantine Empire when he was a young boy. Then one day his capitol city of Constantinople was besieged by the Ottomans and he was killed in the battle. However that was not the end. After he died, he was taken by God and turned into a mysterious entity known as the Black Knight. He was given the task of helping people and fighting evil in dark times whilst learning many lessons. After fighting in The Great War, he vanished. But in the 1920's after Germany had lost the war, a group of Germans decided to leave the country and establish a new one. Seeing no suitable place to settle however, many of them called out to God for a miracle. Sometime after in the middle of the Atlantic a new country arose that had never been on any map before and thus the people settled and remained in isolation for decades undetected. Friedrich was resurrected and became Imperial Leuchteland. Since then, they had advanced through utilizing steampunkesque technology. Creating walkers, the first teleporters, and many other incredible technologies. Despite their advances, the country remained somewhat conservative. From being ruled by a Kaiser to the clothes on their backs.

Religious affiliation: Christian

Any special powers or abilities: Being the first country to invent fully functional teleporters, he has the ability to teleport at will as a way to represent this power. He can also conjure electricity and draw power from it due to his country running primarily on electricity.  It also refers to an attempt made by his scientists who wanted to create an army of super soldiers with the same abilities, but ultimately decided against it. He is now the only super soldier with these abilities. A more supernatural power of his is the ability to perform certain miracles.
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Leuchteland Application
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