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 The Dark Side of the Moon

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Ray Silver (Moon)
Ray Silver (Moon)

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The Dark Side of the Moon Empty
PostSubject: The Dark Side of the Moon   The Dark Side of the Moon Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2018 5:18 pm

Altas Ray Silver.
He has people call him "Ray" so no one knows his true name.

Representative of:
The Moon.


Human: 27
Historical: 4.53 billion years old

Brief personality:
Since he has been alive so long, Ray finds himself to be a cynical and depressing individual. He hates existing and he finds it a burden, often thinking that people shouldn't exist. He trusts no one, and often lies to hide his identity. Thinking that everyone his evil, he harbours hate for every creature, no matter how hard they try to prove themselves trustworthy. He doesn't consider anyone a friend, and he feels since he has been alive so long, he has seen everything. No longer curious, he finds himself often bored, feeling there is nothing to do since he has done everything. He usually avoids people because they annoy him, finding company to be a burden. Though he gets irritated easily, he tries not to show it, but pushing him too hard will get him angry. He especially avoids people he deems evil, finding them distasteful. He sees no good in anyone, and his mindset is basically that everyone is guilty until proven innocent, yet innocent doesn't exist. He has stereotypes of humans, most being negative. He believes that most positive emotions are fake, friendships aren't real, and love is nonexistant.

Ray doesn't even have mercy for himself, believing that he also doesn't deserve to exist. Though he finds himself to be ugly, lazy, and a monster, he doesn't completely hate himself. He sees himself as talented, strong, and reliable if need be, though he doesn't think anyone is worth being reliable for. He thinks there is no one worth helping, but if he has to use his strength to keep terrible people away, he will. Fortunately, he does have a sense of humour, though it's a bit dark. He enjoys offensive humour and messing with others, though he gets annoyed when he is messed with back. Though he can find himself joking around with someone he feels is worth his company, he has a strong distaste for sarcasm, puns, and dad jokes. Profanity is a norm for him and he doesn't seem to care where he uses it. Since he was a wolf for so long, clothes are strange to him and he hates them, but he'll wear them anyway because he hates getting attention and foul remarks when he neglects wearing them.

He has been eating meat so long that he doesn't really like it anymore, but he finds himself enjoying sweet food. He finds music to be strange and human things like restaurants, amusement parks, and theatres to be weird. He avoids them, though he finds himself attracted to nice scenery and bodies of water. He loves to bathe, and soak in a bath for hours without getting bored. Even so, he's not really a clean freak, and basically almost nothing disgusts him. He loves the colours black and silver, and he finds himself enjoying nights, since that's when the moon is the brightest. His favourite season is winter since he never gets cold, loves the snow, and the nights are longest then. He can speak sentences in many languages since he's been alive for so long, but he's only fluent in some of the oldest and most popular ones.

Brief personal history:
Ray has been alive long before humans, and was there alongside evolution from algae to what is currently here today. When he was first born, he has a secret form that no one has seen. He moved to Earth and learned how to transform his DNA so he could fit in. He had to change himself alongside the evolving species, finding himself evolving into a wolf about a few million years ago, and gradually changed into a grey wolf about a million years ago. Then on, he stayed in this form, migrating to North America about 750,000 years ago. Though 200,000 years ago, when the modern human came about, he saw a need to change himself as humans grew in population. He had long forgot the technique he used to change his DNA to a different creature, and it took a long time to get a body remotely similar to a human's. Therefore, he has wolf features in his most human-like form. Though like the classic stories, he can't keep his form forever, and has to charge up his powers during every full moon. Then, he takes his wolf form and hides away.

Brief physical description:
Ray has silver hair that seems to glow white in the moonlight and piercing yellow eyes. He is tall at 6'6, his height resembling the moon's large size. He has a scar across his lips and sharp canines, and pointy nails that always seem to be painted black. Though he's rather handsome, all of his features seem to slim. He is a slim yet tones man with an oval shaped face, thin eyes, thin lips, thin nose, and thin eyebrows. He has pointed ears, but he keeps them hidden with his hair.

In his semi-wolf form, he has messier hair, sharper and longer canines, slitted and glowing yellow eyes. He also has wolf ears that have grey fur with black tips on the end of the fur and a creamy white inside of the ear. His wolf tail is the same grey with black tips, but the underside closer to his body is a creamy white, and the tail gets a bit dark at the end.

In his almost wolf form, he grows more hair and his hands become larger, furrier, and gain larger claws. He also grows more fur on his cheeks and body, and his muscles become more toned.

In his full wolf form, he is grey wolf with black tipped fur and a creamy white underside. His eyes are yellow, and he is rather large for a wolf. He still has the scar on his lip in this form.

His secret form from billions of years ago has never been seen.

Human Form:
Semi-Wolf Form:
Almost-Wolf Form:
Wolf Form:
Secret Form:

Brief history:
4.5 billion years ago, Theia, a planet the size of Mars, slammed into the primordial earth. The impact peeled the earth like an orange, and titanic masses of material from both planets were thrown into space. The core of Theia eventually sunk to the centre of Earth, where it remains to this day. For a short time, the earth was surrounded by a ring of debris. However, it soon began to coalesce into a solid mass, and only a after a few years, it formed into a moon. The surface of the nascent moon was largely molten as it formed from the accreting ring material. After the moon cooled, its solid crust was often interrupted by continuous vulcanism and lava flows. A cloudy earth was circled by the vanishing remnant of the ring, and the moon was much closer to it than today. 10 million years later, today's moon was not the only one formed from the ring.  There were several others, orbiting at the Lagrange points. The orbit of one was not stable and it eventually drifted into the larger moon in a slow-motion impact that caused the smaller satellite to pancake, spreading itself over an entire hemisphere, creating the mismatched sides the moon has today. During this, a tsunami of molten rock roared up over the horizon. Millions of years of giant lava flows, created as asteroids punctured the lunar crust, resulted in the flat lava plains we see today as the lunar mare. One of these impacts, perhaps the largest endured by the moon since the little splat, created the South Pole-Aitkens Basin, one of the largest impact structures in the solar system. The date of the impact is uncertain: it might have occurred only a little over 3 billion years ago. If so, from the earth, where primitive algae would have been the only witness, the impact would have been an impressive sight.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He can transform into a wolf, and has resounding strength in his almost-wolf form. Not only that, but he has a superior sense of smell and hearing. He tries to keep this a secret though, so he states his only ability is to control water, which he can do very well.

His theme song:

This character's hexcode is #6E7B9B.
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The Dark Side of the Moon
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