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 안녕하세요! 반갑습니다!

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Kim Seo Yeon (일산구)

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PostSubject: 안녕하세요! 반갑습니다!   Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:15 am


김서연 (Kim Seo-yeon)
Seo Yeon Kim

Representative of:
일산신도시 (Ilsan Sindosi)
Ilsan New Town


Seo Yeon is literally is older than she looks. She looks like a teenager, but she claims her physical appearance is aged 21. She had been around for a long time and carried many names of places, but it was just then that she had finally been settled for one.

Brief personality:
Seo Yeon is the kind of woman who acts like she's a celebrity. She couldn't help it, having two of the largest entertainment companies situated in her area made her like that. She's the type to like coffee shops and makeup, and she wouldn't give two shits about what you think of her. Aside from that, she's a scaredy-cat—she's highly afraid of haunted houses, worms, and bugs. Horror movies, she could handle, but not haunted places. Hardheaded, but still with a bone of niceness in her body, she will attack you with words if you ever insult those she considers a friend. A fatal flaw of hers would be holding grudges. She's also obsessed with aesthetics, but don't get her wrong; she's fairly intelligent despite how she acts and looks. She had actually went to some of the schools in Ilsan-gu, and constantly checks up on these schools.

Brief physical description:
Seo Yeon has black shoulder-length hair with bangs almost covering her dark-brown eyes. Sometimes her hair would be dyed brown, or sometimes a mix of brown and blond, depending on which style she wanted at the moment. She is naturally pale, but it's not an unhealthy shade of pale; she usually tries to cover it up with makeup though. She dresses according to her mood. A shirt under a stylish jacket, shorts, and converses for when she's feeling chill. This is her usual getup.

Brief history:
Ilsan is located northwest of Seoul. Like other satellite cities in the Seoul National Capital Area such as Bundang, Ilsan was planned in order to alleviate housing shortages in the city of Seoul. Ilsan has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 15 years, usually drawing in younger generations of upper middle-class and upper-class Koreans.

Religious affiliation:
Highly tolerant of religions, Seo Yeon actually prefers to stay out of these matters.

Any special powers or abilities:
Not really special or a power but she can act like a professional.

Her color in the chatbox is #ff99cc.
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안녕하세요! 반갑습니다!
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