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 I'll Kill Malachi...

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Ryo Lehrer (Echatia)

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PostSubject: I'll Kill Malachi...   Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:24 pm

Ryo Lehrer
Lehrer meaning religious teacher



Physical Description:
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 150 lb
More Info: Ryo is a handsome young man whose feelings are generally written on his expression. He has messy black hair that he never seems to comb and illuminous blue eyes that stand out from afar. Although he isn’t extremely muscular like one may expect from a demon of his strength, he is a bit toned, despite the fact that he looks skinny. He may even be considered rather short for a male demon, especially one of his rank. But, since he is half mortal human, he does not have horns. He does have a fluffy black tail and pointy ears, though.

Fight Mode:
Berserk Form:

Brief Personality:
Ryo is an excitable young man who can find entertainment in just about anything. Some may view him as overly ambitious and overly enthusiastic, but he is always sincere. He isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind, and sometimes he lets his emotions get the better of him. Since he is such an emotional thinker, he doesn’t have much room for rational thought, and could be considered impulsive. He’s a bit clumsy, but he’s extroverted and great at making friends. Despite being the son of Satan, he is one of the most kind-hearted people one may meet. Although he doesn’t seem too serious about his studies, he does want to become stronger in order to destroy Malachi. As big as his ambitions are, he has the power to possibly achieve it, he just hasn’t unlocked it yet and he doesn’t quite know how to control his abilities.

Personal History:
Ryo and his brother Shin were both born as Satan’s child, but they were taken in by a Christian facility and raised as humans. The facility used all sorts of charms and rituals to keep the boy’s power tucked away, but eventually it wasn’t enough to contain their strength. Ryo’s powers didn’t come until he was a mid-teenager since he was never aware of his Satanic powers. Since he grew up as a ‘human’, he grew accustomed to human ways and therefore doesn’t quite like being a demon. After his powers awakened, Satan tried entering the facility to retrieve Ryo. He destroyed all of the people in it in the process, except him and his brother. The two ran off to the school in the city and became a part of it, living there for protection. His brother began exorcism studies and passed extremely quickly, making him one of the most achieved demon hunters from the academy. Ryo still had much to learn, wanting to follow his brother’s footsteps. Two years later, still not an exorcist, the war between Satan and Malachi started. Malachi came to earth and kidnapped Shin, absorbing his powers and using them to defeat Satan. Leaving Ryo alone and angry, Ryo sought vengeance against Malachi, vowing to destroy him to retrieve his brother.

Special Abilities
He has the ability to control blue flames (the flames that are considered solely Satanic… But now only belongs to the Abbadon family, and Ryo). He also has a berserk form that isn’t too different from his human form, but it is three times as powerful.

Representative Of:

A play off the word eschaton.

Day Formed:
The school on the island opened on October 1st, 1966, allowing it to finally be opened to people moving in.

The city is run by a headmaster of the school, but under the order of exorcists.

The headmaster of the school. The name is unknown.


The grey is the academy.

In the North Pacific Ocean
36.273315, 153.092383

650 square miles.


“Under the Cross.”

Echatia was built for the single purpose of an academy with exorcist training. Echatia Academy on the surface is a massive school with a broad spectrum of professions to learn about. People from all around the world come to learn any number of things. The school is very high-end and it has dorms for students who want to live on campus, which are extremely fancy with their own bathrooms and if paid extra, their own kitchen. The island is also a city, so there are people living on it who have kids they want to go to the school, or even people who graduated from the school and don’t want to leave. Usually people who live there are former students, parents who have students at the school, or exorcists/demon hunters. Very few fit the last category. It is only known amongst very few that the Academy has an underground exorcist and demon hunting training facility.

This city has no relations to other countries and is charted as neutral territory.

Major Exports:
Trained exorcists/demon hunters.

Religious Affiliation:
All religions with an underworld and a belief in demons, especially Abrahamic religions.

This character's hexcode is #000066.
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I'll Kill Malachi...
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