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 Eat the food, or leave. (Tsushima app)

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Ryouta Honda (Tsushima)

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PostSubject: Eat the food, or leave. (Tsushima app)   Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:20 pm

Name: 本田竜太

Age: around 18,500

He looks like he is only about 19 or 20

Appearance: Ryouta usually tends to wear darker colored clothing, and almost always will have a katana close at hand. His clothes are very conservative, and show off next to nothing other than the things above his neck, and his hands, and on special occasions, you might even see a flash of his ankles because he forgot to wash his socks. He stands at about 6 feet, and 3 inches, and has brown hair that is a little bit long in terms of boys. But his eyes are also brown, and he has pale skin. Lots of his clothes look, basically the same. But, if you can get him to trust you, you might even get him to take his clothes off, and then you could see that he was in really good shape. like, thin, and strong.

Personality: Ryouta is a quiet man, who keeps to himself. He does not tell anybody anything about him unless he like, considers them a best friend, or if they are a family member. On top of that, He doesn't like to socialize. for that reason, the ring of people who actually know anything about him is absolutely tiny. For all the world knows, he could have a tattoo of a penis on his chest. (he doesn't) He has a weird thing for old rhythm and blues music, like "The Drifters" "Marvin Gaye" and "Louis Armstrong" which he will almost always be listening to with big headphones, but never will let anybody else know he likes. absolutely no exceptions. No. But he does have a culinary side. He makes the best damn fried rice in Japan. However, he seems to think that it is just "alright" and hardly ever cooks for anyone other than himself.

History: Tsushima was settled by early hominids around 16,500 BCE and was considered to be ont of the 8 islands made by the Shinto gods in the Japanese creation myth. In the Mideval Japanese society, it was conquered, became a trade hub, and then taken by the mongols. And then it became a base for Japanese pirates, and also a POW camp for korean soldiers in the 7 years war. In the 1860's, the russians tried to establish a navy base there, but were stopped by the british. In 1899, the empire decreed that Tsushima was one of the ports that was open to American, and British sailors. Tsushima didn't see much of anything in either of the world wars, however, in the Russo-japanese war in 1905, Tsushima was the location of a decisive battle which left the Russian navy in tatters. Today, it belongs to japan, but many south korean officials try to exert claims over the island.

Powers: None

Religious affiliation: Shintoism
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Eat the food, or leave. (Tsushima app)
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