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 F*ck you

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Leon S. (Bran Castle)
Leon S. (Bran Castle)

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PostSubject: F*ck you    Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:29 pm

Leon Nichol Szilágyi.

Representative of:
Bran Castle.


Human: 12.
Historical: Built in 1212 by the Teutonic Knights.

Brief personality:
He’s sort of a loser, since he’s not really good at anything he does but making an ass of himself. Trying to act cool all the time doesn’t really get him anywhere, since it doesn’t come naturally to him. The kid tries hard at everything he does, though, and it still never seems to get anywhere. He’s especially discouraged because he has a supergenius twin brother [Link] that most people tend to like. He tries to one up his brother a lot just to prove that he’s at least got some good qualities, but alas, it usually always fails. He’s got extreme confidence issues, but he puts on a tough-guy façade to fake it like he doesn’t. Therefore, he's extremely mean to his brother and others around him. Like his father, he has a hard time getting along with people and often pick on their weaknesses. He thrives off of upsetting others and finds it hilarious to mess with people. He's the kid that everyone hates at school.

Brief physical description:
Leon has bright red eyes and fluffy blonde hair, and he barely ever combs his hair because it’s so fluffy. Because he wants to look the part he’s so desperate to play, he has plenty of ear piercings, along with a lip piercing. He usually wears a leather jacket and black or red clothes, and you can sometimes even see him with black nail polish. He’s the same height as his twin, 5’10”, but he’s not quite as thin as him. Of course, he has vampire teeth too, and he smiles often to show them off like they’re some sort of award.


Brief history:
In 1212, Teutonic Knights built the wooden castle of Dietrichstein as a fortified position in the Burzenland at the entrance to a mountain pass through which traders had travelled for more than a millennium, but in 1242 it was destroyed by the Mongols. The first documented mentioning of Bran Castle is the act issued by Louis I of Hungary on 19 November 1377, giving the Saxons of Kronstadt (Brașov) the privilege to build the stone castle on their own expense and labor force; the settlement of Bran began to develop nearby. In 1438–1442, the castle was used in defense against the Ottoman Empire, and later became a customs post on the mountain pass between Transylvania and Wallachia. It is believed the castle was briefly held by Mircea the Elder of Wallachia (r. 1386–1395, 1397–1418) during whose period the customs point was established. The Wallachian ruler Vlad Țepeș (Vlad the Impaler; 1448–1476) does not seem to have had a significant role in the history of the fortress, although he passed several times through the Bran Gorge. Bran Castle belonged to the Hungarian Kings but due to the failure of King Vladislas II (r. 1471–1516) to repay loans, the city of Brasov regained possession of the fortress in 1533. Bran played a militarily strategic role up to the mid-18th century.

In 1920, the castle became a royal residence within the Kingdom of Romania. It became the favorite home and retreat of Queen Marie. The castle was inherited by her daughter Princess Ileana who ran a hospital there in World War II: it was later seized by the communist regime with the expulsion of the royal family in 1948.

In 2005, the Romanian government passed a special law allowing restitution claims on properties illegally expropriated, such as Bran, and thus a year later the castle was awarded ownership to Dominic von Habsburg, the son and heir of Princess Ileana.

In September 2007, an investigation committee of the Romanian Parliament stated that the retrocession of the castle to Archduke Dominic was illegal, as it broke the Romanian law on property and succession. However, in October 2007 the Constitutional Court of Romania rejected the parliament's petition on the matter. In addition, an investigation commission of the Romanian government issued a decision in December 2007 reaffirming the validity and legality of the restitution procedures used and confirming that the restitution was made in full compliance with the law.

On 18 May 2009, the Bran Castle administration was transferred from the government to the administration of Archduke Dominic and his sisters Maria-Magdalena Holzhausen and Elisabeth Sandhofer. On 1 June 2009, the Habsburgs opened the refurbished castle to the public as the first private museum of the country and disclosed with Bran Village a joint strategic concept to maintain their domination in the Romanian tourist circuit and to safeguard the economic base in the region.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Like all vampires, he has an inhuman strength as well as increased speed, increased vision and hearing, and smell. Being a vampire, he also has fast healing. He also has magic, since Romania does as well, but it’s not very strong.

This character's hexcode is #CC0033.
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F*ck you
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