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 Tch, you're wasting your time on a pathetic fake like me. (Miyamoto Island Application)

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Yamanbagiri Kunihiro【宮本島】

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PostSubject: Tch, you're wasting your time on a pathetic fake like me. (Miyamoto Island Application)   Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:22 am

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro 山姥切国広


Appears 24

Physical Description:
Eyes: Sea-blue (he probably wears contacts)
Hair: Blonde, partially covering his eyes. (he's been bleaching his hair for a long time, no one's sure what his natural hair color is, but it's most likely brown)
Height: 172 centimeters.
Weight: 45 kilograms.
More Info:
Despite his East-Asian nationality, Yamanbagiri has the looks of a caucasian with his soft golden hair, bright blue eyes, and porcelain-pale skin, although some evidence of his true heritage in his facial features can be seen if you look closely. His body build is quite broad-shouldered, lean, and muscular, but slender and elegant.
He’s almost constantly seen wearing a tattered white hooded cloak, pulled down low to hide his face and he never takes it off. Even if he changes his outfit, he’ll still wear the cloak over the top. Sometimes he can be seen with a sword (an uchigatana) strapped across his back or sheathed in his belt. It is said that he despises his appearance which is why he's changed it so much, (along with everything else about himself, actually) although many others have complimented him on his looks.


Brief Personality:
Yamanbagiri is usually seen as self-deprecating, standoffish and prickly yet stiffly formal to the point of being irritating. He’s rather elusive and closed-off, with a distinct dislike for one-on-one conversation- it makes him feel awkward. He has a bit of an inferiority complex, being a replica sword, and he frequently describes himself as a ‘useless copy’. Despite this, Yamanbagiri will get very offended if someone else addresses him as a replica, and occasionally acts as though he's desperate to be loved or starved for affection and respect, especially from those he views as superior to himself (which is actually a lot of people, given his very low self-worth).
As you can probably tell, he has no self-confidence whatsoever and holds deeply the tiny shred of pride he has in being Kunihiro’s first masterpiece.

Personal History:
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro was forged by swordsmith Kunihiro at the request of Miyamoto Tadashi, back then one of the feudal lords of Kaiyoshima. When he and his family left the country to found their own on an uninhabited isle between Northeast Kaiyoshima and Southern Japan, he took the sword with him, which was later brought to life by a saniwa (Shinto sage). Although Yamanbagiri was supposedly a replica of another sword, he was treasured by the Miyamoto family, fought many battles in their name, and is passed down from parent to child. The blade itself is either carried by Yamanbagiri's human form, or safely kept in a glass case in the Miyamoto family vault.

Representative Of:
Miyamoto-shima 宮本島

Miyamoto (founder's family name), -shima (island).
However, Miyamoto (宮本) can also mean fortress, shrine, or castle.

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
Third of October, roughly 300 AD

Shogunate. (kind of like a monarchy)

Miyamoto Michio 宮本道夫.
*ruled over by the Miyamoto family

They don’t really have an official capital, but the main town is Minatotoshi. (港都市)


To the Northeast of Kaiyoshima, 32 kilometers away from the harbor of Kiyosaki.

1012 square kilometers.


Coat of Arms:
A blue and red shield emblazoned with a white sun.

Even the in the strongest gale, we do not bow our heads to you.

Miyamoto-shima was founded by Miyamoto Tadashi, a feudal lord of Kaiyoshima, his wife Nanami, and their sons. Many years after the civil war, because he opposed Emperor Katsuo, he was persecuted for treason by the then middle-aged and paranoid emperor, forced to flee Northwards to an offshore island between Kaiyoshima and Southern Japan. He named the isle Miyamoto-shima after his family. However, Tadashi still faced the danger of siege by sea from Imperial forces and recruited supporters to build a fortress to defend against possible attack. Fortunately, Emperor Katsuo died shortly after from liver cancer and his daughter and heir, Princess Kagura, removed the bounty on Tadashi's head, clearing the family of all crimes, and even marrying the Miyamoto family's third son, Atsushi, several years after ascending to the position of Empress. Miyamoto-shima became an officially-recognized independent state of Kaiyoshima, up till this very day.

Kaiyoshima- Relaxed, still trading partners, although Miyamoto-shima is very insistent on staying separate and independent.
Japan- Trading partners.
Europe and America- Surprisingly, there are a number of Western immigrants as well as many, many tourists, so it’s not uncommon to see the otherwise-unusual sight of foreigners walking around wearing Eastern clothing.

Major Exports:
Fine-crafted items like embroidered tapestries. The swordsmiths of Miyamoto-shima are said to be some of the best in all Asia.

Religious Affiliation:

Special Abilities
He’s the spirit of a sword and has a natural talent for fighting. The original Yamanbagiri was famed for cutting down yokai (monsters/demons) and especially 山姥, or mountain witches, so the ability to see yokai has also been passed onto Yamanbagiri Kunihiro. Also, although it's unconfirmed (as it's just a bit of a running gag among his friends) he can turn into an uchiko (tool used for repairing swords) and heal his sword-buddies.
*When he's depressed, Yamanbagiri tends to pull his hood low over his face and fastens it tight around the neck, so he appears to resemble a giant uchiko.

Yamanbagiri’s color on the chatbox is #0099CC
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Tch, you're wasting your time on a pathetic fake like me. (Miyamoto Island Application)
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