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 Want to do it like the women of Lesbos~ ?

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Sappho (Ancient Lesbos)

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PostSubject: Want to do it like the women of Lesbos~ ?   Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:42 pm


Name: Sappho

Representative of: The Isle of Lesbos during the Antiquity

Gender: Female

Age (human and historical): Lesbos' Ancient period can be considered to start around the 6th century BC. Sappho, born at that time, looks however 26.

Brief personality: Sappho is a very passionate woman, and has a passion poetry - especially sensual, love poetry - and used to be one of the finest poets, mastering the art so well that she was greatly admired.
Caring little for men, she loves and admires women, dedicating to them most of her poems. She is not homosexual, however, rather bisexual with a preference for women.
Having known tyrants all her life, but never having had to suffer herself from them, she became attracted by power. She learnt rhetorics, medecine, learnt about poisons and remedies... until she knew everything she had to learn to get power over people without helding a position of power in the society. She was noble, but of course couldn't access greater posiions. Her learnings somehow perverted her minds, one could say - although that would be simplifying things a lot -, and more and more she would be fascinated by people's pain. She would try to cure a mind by her eloquence, or a body by her knowledge in medecine and plants. But sometimes she would be the one inflicting pain by these means too...

Brief physical description: Sappho has dark blonde curly and long hair that she likes to wear with very different hairdressings that her maids (slaves, to pe precise) make for her. She has blue eyes shapped as almonds and the curve of her lips are as elegant as the ones of her body. She wears white dresses cut in the Ancient Greek ways. Her smile and eyes are usually very sweet. But if she is angered, her gaze seems to send lighting bolts.

Sappho's face:

Sappho's dresses:

Brief history: According to Classical Greek mythology, Lesbos was the patron god of the island. Macar was reputedly the first king whose many daughters bequeathed their names to some of the present larger towns. In Classical myth his sister, Canace, was killed to have him made king. The place names with female origins are likely to be much earlier settlements named after local goddesses, who were replaced by gods.[citation needed] Homer refers to the island as "Macaros edos", the seat of Macar. Hittite records from the Late Bronze Age name the island Lazpa and must have considered its population significant enough to allow the Hittites to "borrow their gods" (presumably idols) to cure their king when the local gods were not forthcoming. It is believed that emigrants from mainland Greece, mainly from Thessaly, entered the island in the Late Bronze Age and bequeathed it with the Aeolic dialect of the Greek language, whose written form survives in the poems of Sappho, amongst others.
The abundant grey pottery ware found on the island and the worship of Cybele, the great mother-goddess of Anatolia, suggest the cultural continuity of the population from Neolithic times. When the Persian king Cyrus defeated Croesus (546 BC) the Ionic Greek cities of Anatolia and the adjacent islands became Persian subjects and remained such until the Persians were defeated by the Greeks at the Battle of Salamis (480 BC). The island was governed by an oligarchy in archaic times, followed by quasi-democracy in classical times. For a short period it was a member of the Athenian confederacy, its apostasy from which is recounted by Thucydides in the Mytilenian Debate, in Book III of his History of the Peloponnesian War. In Hellenistic times, the island belonged to various Successor kingdoms until 79 BC when it passed into Roman hands.
Lesbos is the birthplace of several famous persons. In archaic times, Arion developed the type of poem called dithyramb, the progenitor of tragedy, and Terpander invented the seven note musical scale for the lyre. Two of the nine lyric poets in the Ancient Greek canon, Alcaeus and Sappho, were from Lesbos. Phanias wrote history. The seminal artistic creativity of those times brings to mind the myth of Orpheus to whom Apollo gave a lyre and the Muses taught to play and sing. When Orpheus incurred the wrath of the god Dionysus he was dismembered by the Maenads and of his body parts his head and his lyre found their way to Lesbos where they have "remained" ever since. Pittacus was one of the Seven Sages of Greece. In classical times Hellanicus advanced historiography, Theophrastus, the father of botany, succeeded Aristotle as the head of the Lyceum. Aristotle and Epicurus lived there for some time, and it is there that Aristotle began systematic zoological investigations.

Religious affiliation: Greek Mythology

Any special powers or abilities: The Mount Olympus is in Lesbos, and the goddess who represented it once went down the Mount to mate with a man so strong and so fair he had made himself master of the isle. Of their union was born Sappho, a demi-goddess who from then represented Lesbos.

*'To do it like the women of Lesbos' contrary to what we could think, doesn't refer to have sex between women. It actually refers to blowjobs~
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Want to do it like the women of Lesbos~ ?
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