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 Vote - Two Propositions

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What do you say to the ideas proposed here ?
-Yes to the first proposal
 70% [ 7 ]
-Yes to the second
 30% [ 3 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 10

Alasdair K. (2pScotland)

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PostSubject: Vote - Two Propositions   Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:24 am

Hi guys,

Most of you have heard about my desire to delete/raise up the characters limitation, and I thought creating a poll for voting would be easier than sending you PMs to know what you would think about it.

Julia and me came to an idea that I wrote on the Suggestion Box but that I'll repeat here.

The first proposal rests on two points :

- The deletion of the OCs limit for several reason :

  • The limitation brings us to delete characters that we would still love to roleplay, that we still care for.
  • The limitation is there to prevent us from making too many characters, that we wouldn't use enough, but others things are probably enough for this : the fact that accounts can be deleted if inactive is there to make sure that there aren't too many unused characters ; the application that we need to make and that can take some time discourages us to make characters that we're not excited enough about or that we don't know enough about or that we don't have enough ideas for (and if you think it's not enough, maybe we could ask for more than 5 sentences, or forbid copy-pasting) ; and finally, well, we should maybe trust people to be reasonable about it.
  • Unlike the Canon characters, there will always be new OCs to make, so fearing new people wouldn't have anyone to make would be rather silly.
  • The joy of making a new character is one of the greatest ! :D It gives us the occasion of learning the history and culture of new countries, new places, of creating our own characters... Why limiting our imagination while the very goal of a Roleplay site is to let it flow ?

- The inclusion of Canon 2Ps and Canon Genderbends into the Canon characters limit :

  • The 2Ps and Genderbends of Canon characters aren't really original, and therefore are limited (unlike OCs)
  • The limitation is for now to 7 characters, and we propose that it would be slightly raised, to 10 for example, it only would seem fair since we would include more characters into that group.

So that is the idea we think would improve the forum :) If you don't think it good (and feel free to tell us why, please), we also propose that the characters limitation would just be raised (maybe to 35 instead of 25 ?), that would be our second proposal.

Of course, this vote has no officiality and is only there to know your opinion, it all remains, in the end, in the hands of Sarah :)

Thanks for your time !
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Vote - Two Propositions
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