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 Newfoundland - Catherine

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Amelia ( Newfoundland

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PostSubject: Newfoundland - Catherine   Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:08 pm

Name- Catherine

Representation of - Newfoundland

Age - 23/human.  66/historically

Personality- compared to Canada Catherine is a very head strong province . She tends to speak her mind and speak it loudly. She dislikes being pushed around so if anyone even trys to they tend to get yelled at . But she can be kind and understanding she likes to fight but only if it's a last resort.  Most times she can talk someone down for a confrontation.

Appearance-  Catherine has light blond hair   with deep blue eyes . She has slightly tan skin with a few freckles here and there . For her causal clothes she tends to wear a black t shirt with  tan pants  and a pair of worn out running shoes.  For her work uniform she tends to wear a   black   business suit . She's a bit short only being 4'11 which is why she wears shoes with slight heels.

Brief history-  Catherine was found by Canada March 1 1949 .Before 1949, Newfoundland had a history as a British colony, Britain’s "Grand Cod Fishery of the Universe", eventually becoming equal to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as a full Dominion of the British Empire. Newfoundland and Labrador joined Canada on 31 March 1949 and the next day, the leader of the Confederation campaigns, Joseph R. Smallwood, became the new province’s first Premier.

Today, even though she is the youngest province in Canada, she is considered one of the fastest growing in the country with booming oil and gas, mineral exploration, and marine and IT industries. On the cultural side, St. John's is brimming with musicians, artists, writers, dancers, and craftspeople from the province, throughout Canada, and around the world and all are drawn to Canada's eastern edge by the nspiring natural beauty. In fact, it's been said the city has the highest concentration of artists per capita in Canada.

Religious affiliation- Christianity

Abilities- n/a

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PostSubject: Re: Newfoundland - Catherine   Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:06 pm

This is a lovely application you've got here, but Sarah (our admin, the UK) is absent at the moment and she might be for awhile. She asked me to look out for the site at the moment. Although I have no position of power, I do know that your application can't be accepted because there's another Canada. The canon availability list isnt fully updated, so I'm sorry for the news but you'll have to make a different character. This is the other Canada, by the way.

If you have any more questions, you can always PM as I'll be sure to help. I don't know where you live, but I might not be able to respond past 7 EST since I live in England and I usually fall asleep around midnight. Also, you can ask others for help too since everyone here is super friendly and kind. Welcome to the site, though, and I hope you have a wonderful stay here.
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The United Kingdom

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PostSubject: Re: Newfoundland - Catherine   Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:20 pm

You need one more sentence for appearance. Also, your history should be the history of your place, not the personal history. You need to do research and write about your place's history and then you'll be all set.

Also, your username needs to fit your character. You can change your username by clicking 'profile' on the top of the page.

You have 72 hours to complete this or I will have to delete your application.


Many believe that it's wonderful to be a nation.

But they forget...

There's the pain. The destruction. The loneliness.

Worst of all... matter what you do... will never forget the damage...

...of losing your closest friends...

...because you were too stupid to open your eyes and realise what you had before it was all

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PostSubject: Re: Newfoundland - Catherine   

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Newfoundland - Catherine
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