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 The Most Mature Of The Kirklands.

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Rose Kirkland (Fem!UK)
Rose Kirkland (Fem!UK)

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The Most Mature Of The Kirklands. Empty
PostSubject: The Most Mature Of The Kirklands.   The Most Mature Of The Kirklands. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2015 6:46 pm

Rose Alice Kirkland.

Representative of:
Fem UK.


Human Age: 23
Country Age: 1088

Brief personality:
Her personality is identical to Arthur’s, except she’s slightly more mature when it comes to serious matters. She’s more calm and collected, and doesn’t fly off the edge as easily as Arthur. She’s prone to smile more, and tends to have more fun and make more friends than him.

Brief physical description:
She typically has her long, waist-length, blonde hair up in pigtails, although she also occasionally wears her hair down. She has emerald green eyes like Arthur, but her eyebrows aren’t as thick. They aren’t thin, by all means, they just aren’t gargantuan. She traditionally wore a knee-length, light blue dress with an apron with patterned pockets, but nowadays, she wears casual clothes. She wears glasses, even though her vision isn’t that bad.


Brief history:
Personal History (Headcanon Mostly):

National History:

Religious affiliation:
She used to be Protestant/Anglican, but in modern days, she is Agnostic.

Any special powers or abilities:
She has weaker magic than Arthur, but unlike Arthur (who is quite awful with potions), her potion abilities are phenomenal.
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The Most Mature Of The Kirklands.
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