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 Requirements for Making Continents

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Requirements for Making Continents Empty
PostSubject: Requirements for Making Continents   Requirements for Making Continents Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2016 6:41 pm

Continent Application
The name must be based off the most popular religions or the decent. For example, South America’s name must be a popular name from both Portugal and Spain. Europe may have a name that is popular everywhere (even if it’s spelt differently), like Mary/Marie/Mari. Asia would be difficult since it’s so controversial. Something maybe that goes with both Buddhism and Islam and whatnot.

They must have many different names, each of DIFFERENT descents. Their requirements for origins of their names are underneath. They must be in alphabetical order by origin. Give the origin for each name.

Africa: (pick 10 of 16)
-  Arabic
-  Dinka
-  Chichewa
-  Ethiopian
-  Ewe
-  Hausa
-  Igbo
-  Khoisan
-  Maasai
-  Mande/Mende
-  Somali
-  Swahili
-  Tswana
-  Wolof
-  Xhosa
-  Zulu

Asia: (pick 6 of 10)
-  Arabic
-  Chinese
-  Filipino
-  Hebrew
-  Hindi
-  Japanese
-  Korean
-  Mongolian
-  Russian
-  Vietnamese

Europe: (pick 14 of 22)
-  Bulgarian
-  Croatian
-  Czech
-  Danish
-  Dutch
-  English
-  Finnish
-  French
-  German
-  Greek
-  Hungarian
-  Icelandic
-  Irish
-  Italian
-  Lithuanian
-  Polish
-  Portuguese
-  Romanian
-  Russian
-  Scottish
-  Spanish
-  Welsh

North America: (pick 3 of 3)
-  English
-  French
-  Spanish

Oceania: (pick 5 of 7)
-  English
-  Fijian
-  French
-  Hawaiian  
-  Maori
-  Samoan
-  Tongan

South America: (pick 4 of 5)
-  Dutch
-  English
-  French
-  Portuguese
-  Spanish

No ridiculous names like Muhammad Chang.

Representative of:


In human years, they must at least appear 30.

Brief personality:
5 sentence long description of their personality. Nothing too extreme.

Brief physical description:
They must have physical traits that are common in the entire area.  You also must have a 2 sentence description of EVERY KIND OF TRADITION CLOTHING in the continent.

Brief history:
5 sentence explanation of the histories for EVERY SOVEREIGN STATE AND DEPENDENT TERRITORY in the continent in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

Religious affiliation:
3 sentence explanation of EVERY CURRENT RELIGION AND FORMER RELIGION in the continent in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

Any special powers or abilities:
No special abilities without logic. If they have powers, there needs to be a 5 sentence explanation of why they have the power.

Requirements for Making Continents 3bfac1f7fca6708aaf8d326c46a200db
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Requirements for Making Continents
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