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 The Lone Star State

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Dallas Jones (Texas)

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PostSubject: The Lone Star State   Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:46 pm

Name: Dallas Jones

Representative of: The state of Texas

Gender: Male

Human: 18
Historical: 171

Brief personality: Dallas is usually rather laid back and friendly. He loves spending time outdoors, and prefers it over being inside. He's a bit outgoing and extroverted,  as he has no problem meeting new people or taking risks. He doesn't get angry or annoyed easily, and it is hard to get him upset. He takes much pride in his state and he usually gets offended when someone makes a rude remark about it. He's a country man, he loves to go hunting, horseback riding,  fishing, or anything of the sorts anytime he can. He also speaks with a southern accent, and uses slang such as "Howdy", "Ain't", or "Partner".

Brief physical description:  Dallas is very tall, he often has to look down at people when he talks to them. He has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and his skin is tanned from working outside. He often wears 'farmers clothes', mainly jeans, checked shirts, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He has broad shoulders and a square jaw, and is a bit muscular. He is supposed to wear glasses, but prefers not to wear them.

Brief history:
Brief History:

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Any special powers or abilities: No powers, but he is rather strong. He can also play the guitar and sing pretty good as well.
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The Lone Star State
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