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 Germany Theory.

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Leon (Hong Kong)

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PostSubject: Germany Theory.   Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:12 pm

What if Germany is the Holy Roman Empire, just not in the way everyone thinks?
If the Nations are ships, like France’s analogy that he makes, then isn’t it possible that, like normal ships, sometimes they get rebuilt and renamed and given a different crew and a different captain, but they look the same?
And for the most part the ship is new. All the wood smells like it’s just been oiled, the sails are crisp and new and the ropes aren’t frayed.
But there are entries in the captain’s log that the captain didn’t write, and there are members of the crew that know the ship too well to have it be their first time aboard, and they know the seas they’re traversing a little too well. Even though there’s new voices shouting orders and different cargo and a mostly different crew, there’s little traces of something that’s not quite new, the feeling that the ship is trying to tell the inhabitants something they can’t quite hear, about the crew members that aren’t new and the captain’s log entries that the captain didn’t write and the way that the ship feels old in a way it shouldn’t…
That’s Ludwig.
Sometimes Ludwig wakes up with a body that feels too old for his mind, rather than the other way around, and sometimes he goes for walks along paths he’s never seen before and knows them too well. Sometimes he has flashes of memories that genuinely aren’t his, where he talks to people he’s never met and does things he can’t remember ever having contemplated.
If his head were a library, and his memories and thoughts books that he’s written, it’s as though there’s an aisle he didn’t stack, full of books he hasn’t read about people he’s never met.
And at the end of the aisle sits a boy, barely visible in the shadows with his dark cloak and tunic and a hat too large for him.
He isn’t Ludwig at all; merely the person who captained the ship before Ludwig even stepped on board. And he waits.
He waits for Ludwig to get curious, and then to sate that curiosity and walk down that aisle, blow the dust off the books and read the words written long ago.
And when he does… well.
The stories that boy will tell.

[ Credit to Tumblr user: head-cannons-of-1812 ]

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Leuchteland (Friedrich)

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PostSubject: Re: Germany Theory.   Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:37 pm

Well if you know German history, the first German reich WAS The Holy Roman Empire. And in Hetalia, Ludwig also represented Imperial Germany, or the Second Reich and then Nazi Germany, the Third Reich. Therefore, Ludwig MUST be HRE. Just like how my fictional country was once the Byzantine Empire.
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Germany Theory.
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