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 "Now I can finally be with my fratellos, Feliciano and Romano!"- Seborga Application

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Romeo Vargas (Seborga)
Romeo Vargas (Seborga)

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PostSubject: "Now I can finally be with my fratellos, Feliciano and Romano!"- Seborga Application   Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:45 pm

Name: Romeo Vargas

Representative of: Principality of Seborga

Gender: Male

Age: Human: 17; Historical: 1021

Brief personality: Seborga is a womanizer, a quality he shares with his relatives, though he seems to have more of a fixation on it than them. In his profile, he invites Italy to come and take a tour of his country any time, encouraging him to bring a pretty girl when he does. It is said that amongst the three Italian nations, he would have the most success with flirting.
Though he declared his independence hundreds of years ago, he continues to live as a part of Italy. This may be due to his passiveness.

Brief physical description: Seborga is a young man who resembles both Veneziano and Romano; he has a hair curl similar to theirs, although bent and angular. His skin tone seems to match Veneziano's fair complexion as opposed to Romano's olive complexion. He is often depicted carrying around an inner tube. In his first color appearance, he is depicted with amber eyes, but has appeared with green eyes in all subsequent appearances.
In It's a treasure box of countries~ he is depicted to be about a couple of feet taller than Sealand and around the height of Austria.
He initially wore a white jacket, shirt, and khaki pants. In subsequent appearances, he wears black pants and a green shirt.

Brief history:  In 954, Seborga's territory was ceded by the counts of Ventimiglia to the Benedictine monks of Lérins, when its monastery was founded. In 1079 its abbots were also made Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, temporally in chief of the principality of Seborga.

On 20 January 1729, however, it was annexed to the Savoy dynasty's Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. However, no written act or international treaty recorded the annexation at the time. Seborga has since never been mentioned in treaties, including Italy's Act of Unification of 1861. That led its residents to claim that they lived in a sovereign state. Since then, at any rate, it has never been recognized by any state or admitted to an international organisation.

The independence claim has been alleged to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick for the town's tourist industry, thriving, among other things, from circulating the Luigino, heir apparent of the Louis d'Or coined in Seborga while its mint was still active. This claim however, is contested by others who believe that Seborga has a legitimate claim to independence and recognize the town as such.

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Any special powers or abilities: N/A

Seborga's color in the chatbox is #993300
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"Now I can finally be with my fratellos, Feliciano and Romano!"- Seborga Application
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