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 Afonso the Canon Portugal

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PostSubject: Afonso the Canon Portugal   Afonso the Canon Portugal Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20, 2018 11:34 am

Name: Afonso

Representative of: Portugal

Gender: Male

Human Age - 26
Historical Age - 875

Brief personality:
Afonso shows itself as a cheerful, laid back person but deep inside only his closest friend know he misses the old days and is sad about the current days. What used to be a brave, happy, cheerful person now turned to a gloomy one. Afonso loves to talk about his past when others ask and get all excited about...he won't shut up about it. He hates being confused with Spain and gets very defensive of his old past. He's very accepting of everyone and kind, will do anything for them. Afonso hates his corrent situation of not being famous and rich so when people forget about him he gets really sad and angry at the same time

Brief physical description:
Afonso has a white soft skin, dark brown hair wrapped in a ponytail and light green eyes. His eyebrow are somewhat simple but really long. He wears a white shirt and brown jacket with the country symbols on it. He shows a bit of his chest with the half open shirt plus the completely open jacket. He likes to wear his dark brown gloves and his special goggles, makes him feel like an old explorer. He also wears brown and red trousers, plus long brown boots. He's a strong build kind of man although in his skin are no signals of his hard fought battles. No matter in how many fights he gets he remains as clean as morning sky.

Brief history:
Portugal is a sourthen European country, in the past he used have a big empire. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe being independent at the year of 1143. He was the leading man in the age of Discovery becoming big and rich with it. Portugal was the first and the longest global empire of history lasting 600 years. Portugal got lands such as Macau, Ceuta and Brazil on his possession. As the years passed and money was badly spent Portugal lost his empire, his riches and his recognition. Portugal used to be a monarchy until a revolution in 1910 however a true democracy only came later on 1947. Now Portugal is only a little country few know of.

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Any special powers or abilities: No

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Afonso the Canon Portugal
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