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 We all know I'm much better than porkchop, yeah?

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Allen F. Jones (2pUSA)
Allen F. Jones (2pUSA)

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PostSubject: We all know I'm much better than porkchop, yeah?   Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:25 am

Name: Allen F. Jones

Representative of: United States of America (2p)

Gender: Male

Age: He looks 19 and literally he is 239(as of 2015)

Brief personality: 2P America is typically seen as a sort of delinquent or punk in comparison to his first player. A few common traits you may see will be a harder exterior to cover an animal loving or soft-hearted individual below. He usually hides himself by acting tough and strong. Most portray him as the misunderstood bad boy, a complete psycho murderer, or a normal, bad tempered male. 2p America tends to use nicknames since he never really bothers to learn someone's name. He calls women mostly 'dollface' or 'Doll' and maybe 'babe'. But when it comes to his counter part, he mocks him with the name 'pork chop'. When drunk, he he's often seen as depressed, and questioning why no one loves him. He is a vulgar mouthed, play boy, bad boy, and 'bad influence' to most. 2p America is usually seen friends with 2p England, 2p Canada,2p France, and sometimes 2p Romano. 2p America is definitely a flirt most of the time. He is perverted to most and tends to be a masochist. Rarely you'll see him as a sadist. The American is egotistical and prefers being on top. Some perceive him as enjoying picking fights, maybe for entertainment, or to prove to himself or others his strength. The American also is a vegan from his love of animals so he wouldn't eat meat or any animal product. Many interpretations show him having a love for animals or the arts, such as music or Broadway. There are also many who see him as using profanities as they come easy to him, so he is usually at risk when around 2p England if he wants to curse. When it comes to humor he is the best at it. He loves making puns when he gets the chance but is also at risk from getting hurt from an annoyed and serious country.

Brief physical description: The typical appearance for 2P America is depicted as a tan man with a strong muscular build, dark brown,reddish hair, and red eyes. He also wears almost the same outfit of 1P America, it's just that it has a darker shade. Commonly, he is shown with a baseball bat or sunglasses, as well as piercings depending on the artist/author. There are many varieties when it comes to detail. Some show him missing an upper left incisor (missing a tooth), some without the piercings, and some with varying hair color/eye color/hairstyle/etc.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities: He can bash your head to bits with his nailed bat. He has exceptional strength as well.

His color in the chatbox is #990000.
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We all know I'm much better than porkchop, yeah?
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