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 Would you care for some cupcakes~?

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Oliver Kirkland (2pIggy)
Oliver Kirkland (2pIggy)

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Would you care for some cupcakes~? Empty
PostSubject: Would you care for some cupcakes~?   Would you care for some cupcakes~? Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2015 2:48 pm

Name: Oliver Kirkland

Representative of: United Kingdom/England (2p)

Gender: Male, is actually bi

Age: He looks 23, but is 1088 literally

Brief personality: England is commonly portrayed as polite, energetic, and friendly, typically depicted as a bubbly individual. England is often shown to despise profanity, relying on food-themed "soft swears." In the majority of his interpretations, England is unstable and gleefully sadistic, hiding a twisted personality behind a false friendly persona. He also tends to have a passion for gardening. How good he is at it depends on the interpretation. Other interpretations show him loving love, being extremely clingy, giving lot of hugs, etc. He also has a love for sweets and baked goods (it's known if he were to ever gain a few pounds he'll lose his mind trying to lose the weight). He can be shown as having a high metabolism.

Brief physical description: England is typically depicted with light hair, ranging from pale blonde or ginger to pastel pink. He often has freckles, either contained to his cheeks or covering most of his body. His eyes are usually shown as a light blue, but all appearances are unique to the artist or author. England's wardrobe does not vary much across interpretations. He is often pictured wearing a vest or a sweater with a buoyant bow tie (sometimes called a papillion) and neat slacks. Almost all clothing is restricted to a color scheme of pink, baby blue, and lavender.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: N/A, he hadn't really thought much about it

Any special powers or abilities: Like his counterpart, he can also see Mythological/Magical creatures. The most often is a 2P!version of Mint Bunny, called Flying Chocolate Bunny. In contrast with his 1P counterpart, he is a talented chef, his specialty being sweet pastries and cupcakes. Popularly, his baked goods are laced with drugs or poison.

His color in the chatbox is #ff0099.
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Would you care for some cupcakes~?
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