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 Come~ Let's have some fun, bella~

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Luciano Vargas(2pN.Italy)
Luciano Vargas(2pN.Italy)

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Come~ Let's have some fun, bella~ Empty
PostSubject: Come~ Let's have some fun, bella~   Come~ Let's have some fun, bella~ Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2015 2:01 pm

Name: Luciano Vargas

Representative of: North Italy (2p)

Gender: Male

Age: 20 physically, though as a nation, he is 154(as of 2015; this is due to the unification of Italy)

Brief personality: 2P Northern Italy is considered bossy, wayward, particularly moody, sadistic, and energetic. He takes control of what he has and will manipulate what he does not. He is marked as being more sly and suave than his 1P. Though he carries no trace of his counterpart's cowardly attitude, he still remains non-confrontational... for the most part. Much like 1P! Southern Italy, 2P! Northern Italy can be short tempered and impatient when angered. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and is extremely possessive. He despises time outs and being rebuked. He usually has his allies or henchmen do his dirty work for him, but If needed he will step out and get the job done himself. He is very skilled and quick with his hands. It is said that he is usually quiet and sneaky, but when he is angry he becomes loud, rambunctious, and aggressive. Unlike his counterpart. 2P! Northern Italy is rather cool towards 2P! Germany and 2P! Japan. And it is rumored that 2P! Northern Italy is the one who gave 2P! Germany the scar on his cheek. He has a somewhat complicated relationship with his brother, 2P! Southern Italy. He hates it when he is called by the nicknames "Lucia" or "Luci". He's known to carry a suave, sexy air about him and enjoys flirting with women. He enjoys tricking or toying with his victims using his charm before attacking.

Brief physical description: He is shown to be physically similar to his counterpart. 2P! Northern Italy is seen to have tan skin, with darker hair. Unlike 1P! Northern Italy, 2P! Northern Italy keeps his magenta-colored eyes open. His outfit is a decorated WW2 Italian Brigade Uniform, with shiny patent-leather, laceless boots. He has this smirk everywhere he goes.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities: 2P! Northern Italy is often shown to willingly use his knife, often as torture. However, this can be for either pleasure, seriousness, or both. He also uses throwing knives or a regular knife to kill his victims.

His color in the chatbox is #990099.
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Come~ Let's have some fun, bella~
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