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 *groans* Why am I even here? *smokes opium*

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汪藻 Wāng Zǎo (2pChina)
汪藻 Wāng Zǎo (2pChina)

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PostSubject: *groans* Why am I even here? *smokes opium*   Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:24 pm

Name: (汪藻) Wāng Zǎo or Zǎo Wāng in Western order

Representative of: China (2p)

Gender: Male

Age: Like Japan, he has no physical canon age. Some Chinese fans will modify his age to 5000, as it is considered to be a more accurate age for "China".

Brief personality: 2P!China's personality varies depending on the depicter. He is quiet with a strong "face". He does not let his emotions show, and refuses to act under dishonor. He prefers to act for the good of the whole, rather than the individual, by any means necessary. He does not take insult lightly. He does not act for the "lower class" which often makes him seem arrogant, and does not openly announce his opinion. He is quiet, controlling and manipulative. He prefers things his way, and will do anything to make it so. He is not afraid of stating his opinion, though quietly. He doesn't like Yao. He decided that he didn't ever want to see his face again after the first few meetings. Cute things are disgusting to him, yet he keeps a red panda. Violence does not seem to disturb him, much like the rest of the 2Ps. He is strategic and a loner. He's rather stubborn. He's a mix between a tsundere and a kuudere. Towards some people, he'll blush at every little compliment, but towards others, he'll brush them off with a steely glare. He'll insist that he's not lonely. Most of his interpretations consider 2P!China as an opium addict. When bored, he will begin to orchestrate plots and schemes of ruling the world in his head. No further action has been taken, but when he starts, surely it will be the apocalypse of mankind.

Brief physical description: 2P!China's appearance does not have much variation from his counterpart. His hair is either in a ponytail or mid neck length, and his eyes are usually portrayed as either brown or red, and shaped like 1P! Japan's eyes. Some fans depict him wearing a red or black Changshan, which sometimes lacks his counterpart's long sleeves and is often unbuttoned from the neck. He wears a Chinese military cap with a colors that vary from black to red, which may also depict the Kuomintang sun, or the initial hammer and sickle, which is the Communist symbol. In alternate outfits, for some reason, he has a tendency to look like Shintaro from a separate series, Kagerou Project. This, however, is probably only a coincidence.

Not-so brief history:

Religious affiliation: Taoism

Any special powers or abilities: Though unlike his counterpart, other interests include weaponry and combat; 2P!China is usually playing with knives. swords, or guns. Through experimentation on wild plants like Shen Long, he has gained a decent knowledge on different properties of plants, but he only uses it for poisoning some meat baozi. He is the "king of (poisoned) steamed buns" and piles a lifetime supply of them in his closet.

His color in the chatbox is #330000.
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*groans* Why am I even here? *smokes opium*
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